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Ward 6 - Richard Pootmans

Rezoning for Housing Approval Position Statement


Last night Council approved the city-wide rezoning for housing. I want to thank all the Calgarians who submitted written responses, spoke, participated in town halls, emailed, and phoned in to my office. It is truly evident how passionate you are about living in our great City. I also want to extend my gratitude to the City’s Planning & Administration staff for providing the groundwork to allow us to provide our city with more options in housing.

My decision to vote for the city-wide rezoning was based on the possibility of enabling a more diverse housing supply to respond to the ever-growing demand we are facing. Calgary’s population is increasing yearly, and by changing base zoning we will now be activating more opportunity for faster development, approvals, and housing choices. I heard from many people wanting to stay in their community regardless of what phase they are in life. We now have inclusivity in our neighbourhoods across the city with these lifted housing restrictions. People have more variety of choice, including single-family homes or row houses. Change is hard for everyone. I can confidently say that single family homes will stay the predominant build form in Calgary. This land use change is only if the owner or neighbour of a home either has the desire to redevelop or change the type of structure on their parcel.

With the rezoning, Council will be ensuring that the owners of neighbouring residences, along with local community associations, will now be involved in the Development Permit stage for RC-G parcels.  Their voice(s) can mitigate the impact of the build form through input on criteria such as window placement, shading, height, setbacks, and landscaping. I also brought forward a motion to direct Administration to track Development Permit applications on RC-G parcels city-wide to identify areas where increased densification could possibly require infrastructure investment (including but not limited to water, roads, and parks), and bring forward the most appropriate funding tool to ensure growth is supported with proper infrastructure. This report will come back to Council through Infrastructure and Planning Committee once a year at the end of Q4.

An additional consideration that resonated with me was that a critical aspect of the housing strategy relates to our economic development work and goals. We compete with more than 1000 jurisdictions worldwide for the talent that drives our economy. An important part of our success in attracting new talent is the quality of the housing that we offer - both the variety and price are important. Much like the cities of Edmonton, Vancouver, and Toronto, who already have rezoning in place, this strategy now enables Calgary’s continued growth without driving costs to the level of our competitors- a terrific advantage.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of why I voted in favour of the city-wide rezoning for Calgary.  I believe that it is a necessary move which is in the best interest of Calgarians, not only immediately, but looking ahead into the future. 

- Richard

Council Rezoning for Housing Amendments

Council made 20 amendments related to issues such as parks, parking, and backyard suites associated with rowhouses and townhouses. These amendments will have positive implications for neighbors and their involvement in local development. Opportunities for community and neighbours input that did not previously exist.


Informed Decision-Making

  • By participating in the public hearing and submitting feedback, neighbours contributed to informed decision-making. Council has now taken steps through these amendments to ensure that zoning aligns with community needs and character of the neighbourhood.
  • Council has now taken steps through these amendments to ensure zoning aligns with community needs and the neighborhood’s character.

Increased Privacy Measures

  • These amendments enhance residents’ ability to implement privacy measures on their properties.
  • Neighbors can now protect their privacy as new developments occur, which wasn’t possible previously.

Mitigating Impact

  • Council involves owners of neighboring residences and local community associations in the Development Permit stage for RC-G parcels.
  • Their input helps mitigate the impact of the build form. Again, this wasn’t previously provided to residents.

Balancing Density and Community Character

  • In response to concerns raised by some neighbors about excessive density in certain neighborhoods, the recent amendments carefully strike a balance.
  • They address housing options—such as duplexes, triplexes, and row houses—while preserving the unique character of existing areas. By doing so, the aim is to accommodate growth without compromising the essence of Calgary’s neighborhoods.

Economic Development and Talent Attraction

  • This housing strategy plays a pivotal role in attracting talent to Calgary. By enabling growth while maintaining competitive costs, we position ourselves advantageously in the market.
  • Calgary’s economic growth relies on attracting young, bright minds. Initiatives like these contribute to making the city competitive and appealing to skilled individuals. 

Infrastructure Investment and Proper Support

  • To ensure sustainable growth, I directed the Administration to closely monitor Development Permit applications for RC-G parcels city-wide.
  • This proactive approach identifies areas where densification may necessitate infrastructure investment. Properly supporting growth is essential for our city’s long-term success.

Transparency and Accountability for All Calgarians

  • The amendments prioritize transparency by involving residents and providing opportunities for input—something previously lacking in the process. This accountability ensures that rezoning decisions align with the best interests of all Calgarians.


  • The new rezoning requires .5 parking stalls per unit and suite. This ensures adequate parking availability for residents.
  • For properties without access to garage or parking stall, storage units are now required. These units will accommodate items like bikes and scooters.

Garbage and Recycling Storage

  • A screened waste storage location must be identified on the site plan for each property to ensure proper waste management.


This policy reflects a forward-thinking approach to urban planning and economic vitality. Keep in mind that this rezoning is just one of many strategies aimed at shaping Calgary’s future. These amendments promote neighbour involvement, privacy and community-driven decision making in the rezoning process. This balanced approach aims to create a more equitable and responsive policy framework.

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