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Ward 6 - Richard Pootmans

About Richard Pootmans

Ward 6 Richard Pootmans

Richard Pootmans was elected Councillor for Ward 6 in the Calgary General Election on Oct. 18, 2021.

Councillor Richard Pootmans has lived in SW Calgary for 42 years and in Ward 6 for over 10 years. He was formerly elected as Ward 6 Councillor for two terms, from 2010-2017, where his passion grew for advocating for you. After a four-year hiatus, he will bring a re-freshed perspective to his previously held role.

Richard has 28 years of successful business experience, and 13 years of effective public sector community service. For six years he worked with Calgary Economic Development as the Senior Business Development Manager. He developed and successfully executed investment-attraction and business-retention strategies. He completed marketing plans which facilitated 40 corporate expansions and relocations representing over 2 million square feet and 2400 jobs in the Calgary region. He earned his MBA in Finance and Marketing from the Haskayne School of Business; and in 2016 he continued to strengthen his expertise by completing his ICD designation from University of Toronto Rotman School of Management.

Collectively, with his work skills and education, he looks forward to helping maximize economic growth job opportunities for the City of Calgary. In order to achieve results, we will undoubtedly need participation and support from both the private and public sectors. Richard’s experience working at a senior level in both sectors will effectively bring interested parties together to expand our economy.

Richard’s previous Board and Committee experience included 7 years on the Community and Protective Services Committee, as well as being Chair of Audit Committee. Both committees address and resolve your public safety and financial accountability concerns. He supports further internal audit functions to bring forward value for money reports and recommendations for business unit performance improvements and savings monthly.

Councillor Richard Pootmans Current Boards and Committee’s:

Boards & Committee’s


Audit Committee (Chair)

Assist Council in fulfilling its oversight and stewardship responsibilities by gaining and maintaining reasonable assurance in relation to:

  1. the integrity of The City's annual financial statements;
  2. effective governance, risk management and compliance, including the evaluation of the performance of control systems and processes;
  3. the qualifications, independence, and effectiveness of the External Auditor and the City Auditor;
  4. the utilization of a confidential and independent Whistle-blower Program; and
  5. additional matters described herein or as may be assigned to the Audit Committee by Council.

Support Council's effective decision-making by being involved in a broader governance role through oversight and responsibilities described in Bylaw 33M2020, schedules A, B and C.


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has the following mandate:

- finance and budgeting issues;

- corporate planning;

- items from the Integrity and Ethics Office;

- Council services and governance;

- items related to People, Innovation, and Collaboration;

- recommending the naming of City owned facilities;

- economic Development including the Downtown Strategy; and 

- local and Business economy.


Community Development Committee

· Connecting, including the following areas:

-affordable housing; arts and culture;

-community research and strategy;

-recreation stewardship and strategy;

-recreation, parks and community program planning;

-neighbourhood supports;

-social programs and supports;

-investing partnerships;


· Protecting, including the following areas;

-bylaw education and compliance;

-transit safety and enforcement;

-Calgary 9-1-1;

-Emergency management and business continuity;

-fire services;

-pet ownership and licensing; and

-taxi, limousine, and vehicles for hire;

· Climate Impact;

· Environmental Management; and

·  Oversight in the fields of telecommunication regulation and City Rights-of-Way agreements and bylaws.


Emergency Management Committee

The Emergency Management Committee advise Council on the development of emergency plans and programs, as required by Section 11 of the Emergency Management Act. The Chair, in consultation with the Director of Calgary Emergency Management Agency, may call an emergency meeting of the Committee where the Chair considers that an emergency exists or may exist in the City.


Nominations Committee

The responsibilities of the Nominations Committee include considering and recommending to Council applicants to appoint to Boards, Commissions and Committees (BCCs). The Nominations Committee shall act in accordance with the Governance and Appointments of Boards,Commissions and Committees Policy. The Nominations Committee shall meet from time to time with the frequency required to carry out its duties.


Calgary Film Centre Ltd.

The Calgary Film Centre Ltd. is a controlled corporation of Calgary Economic Development Ltd. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of The City) and related authority to The City, established to support the growth and development of the film, television, media, and other creative industries.


Community Safety Investment Joint- Funding Partnership Working Group

The Joint-Funding Partnership Working Group will address collaborative funding opportunities related to the crisis response system, as identified in the Community Safety Investment Framework. The Community Safety Investment Framework addresses gaps in crisis services for individuals, their families and support networks; outreach services; and the emergency response system in Calgary, including any gaps in racially and culturally appropriate services.