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Bylaw enforcement and peace officers

Animal & Bylaw Services employs over 90 bylaw enforcement officers and peace officers whose primary responsibility is to ensure that Calgary is a place where pets, their owners and their neighbours can live together in harmony. Bylaw officers enforce a variety of bylaws including the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw and the Community Standards Bylaw.

The role of Bylaw enforcement officers and peace officers

  • Partner with citizens and communities to resolve issues through education and enforcement to achieve bylaw compliance.
  • Investigate bylaw-related complaints.
  • Collaborate with internal and external agencies and citizens.
  • Reunite lost dogs and cats with their owners as part of the Drive Home Program.

Bylaw enforcement officers and peace officers work shifts to ensure someone is available to respond to complaints at any time. These officers have a laptop computer in their vehicle to receive complaints, check licences and access information; and are trained in conflict resolution and mediation to better assist with neighbourhood issues.