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Taxi Stands

Permanent and Late Night Taxi Stands

Stampede Tents and Nightclub Taxi Stands

In addition to the taxi stands associated with the Stampede Park, taxi stands are established near larger nightclubs and Stampede tents. These locations are supported by the staff affiliated with the venues and will be routinely monitored by Livery Inspectors to ensure the stands are being managed effectively and do not pose any safety concerns.

  • Knoxville - 830 9 Avenue S.W. (map)
  • Wildhorse - 500 6 Avenue S.W. (map
  • Booker’s - 316 3 Street S.E. (map
  • Rose & Crown - 1503 4 Street S.W. (map)
  • Cowboy’s - 314 12 Avenue S.E. (map
  • Ranchman’s - 9619 Macleod Trail S.W. (map)
  • Big Al’s - 1915 31 Street S.E. (map

Late-Night Temporary Taxi Stands

In and around Stampede Park there are multiple entertainment venues, including the new location of Cowboy’s Stampede Tent (314 12 Av SE). Two taxi stands operate daily throughout Stampede and are located at the North and South entrances of the Park. The North entrance of the Park provides priority to accessible taxi service as it is the closet means of entering the Park.

​There are also two late night taxi stands and two late night TNC stands. These stands will operating nightly; 8:00pm to 3:00am. As traffic (vehicle and pedestrian) will be heavy in these locations, members from Calgary Police Service, Bylaw and Livery Transport Services will monitor the areas and address any public safety issues.

Taxi and Uber locations

  1. Cowboys West & 12 Avenue taxi stands
    • Cowboys West all day taxi stand - 326 13 Avenue S.E. (map)
    • 12 Avenue late night taxi stand - 12 Avenue S.E. between MacLoed Trail and 3 Street S.E. (map)
  2. Cowboys North all day taxi stand - 460 - 400 12 Avenue S.E. (map)
  3. Macleod Trail late night taxi stand - Macleod Trail between 13 Avenue and 12 Avenue S.E. (map)
  4. 14 Avenue all day taxi stand - 14 Avenue S.E. between Olympic Way and 5 Street S.E. (map)
  5. South all day taxi stand - East of the Stampede Trail Blazer Centre (map)
  6. Macleod Uber pickup zone - MacLeod Trail between 15 Avenue and 13 Avenue S.E. (map)
  7. 1 Street and 10 Avenue Uber pick-up zone
    • 1 Street S.E. between 12 Avenue and 10 Avenue S.E. (map)
    • 10 Avenue S.E. between 1 Street and MacLeod Trail S.E. (map)

​​​In addition to these taxi stands, some bars and restaurants will establish their own Stampede taxi stands. The hours for these taxi stands are managed by the bar or restaurant. For detailed information about them contact the bar or restaurant directly.