Ridesharing & Transportation Network Companies

Recent changes to the bylaw that that regulates the taxi, limousine and ridesharing industries allow Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) to operate legally in Calgary.

Ridesharing and vehicle-for-hire services - What you need to know

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Ridesharing basics


Ridesharing in Calgary

Ridesharing regulations


What is ridesharing?

Ridesharing refers to a service where a person can use a website or app to arrange, a ride in a private vehicle driven by its owner for a fee. In Calgary, ridesharing companies can legally provide this service if they are licensed through The City. We are not referring to carpooling, vanpooling or public transit.

What is the difference between a ridesharing company and a Transportation Network Company?

There is no difference. The City of Calgary refers to ridesharing companies as Transportation Network Companies within the Livery Transport Bylaw.

What is the difference between taxi services and ridesharing companies?

Taxis can accept rides that are street hailed or booked ahead of time (by phone, website or app). Taxis charge a rate that is capped at a maximum regulated amount. Ridesharing companies can arrange rides with passengers or customers through an app (not through street hails). Ridesharing companies charge unregulated rates not subject to a maximum amount.

Is it cheaper to use ridesharing services versus a traditional taxi?

Not necessarily. App rates for ridesharing companies can fluctuate based on demand, whereas taxis have a capped rate. When app rates are high, street hail or call a taxi to benefit from a rate that is capped at the regulated maximum amount. More information on rates can be found on our rates & fares page.

What’s The City’s role with taxi, limousine and ridesharing companies?

We license and regulate the vehicle-for-hire industry, including taxi, limousine and Transportation Network Companies (ridesharing companies). Our main concern is the safety of customers and service providers who use vehicle-for-hire services in Calgary.

Can ridesharing companies operate in Calgary?

They can! In fact, they are. We have several licensed ridesharing companies or Transportation Network Companies in Calgary.

How long have ridesharing/Transportation Network Companies been permitted to operate in Calgary?

The Livery Transport Bylaw was changed in February 2016, and became effective on  April 4, 2016, allowing for ridesharing companies to operate in Calgary. This included licensing for companies, drivers and app approval by The City.

Can Uber operate in Calgary?

Yes, the injunction preventing anyone from operating as an Uber driver has been lifted. 

Why do bylaws change?

Bylaws are not static; they can change over time. Part of the regulatory process requires bylaws to be amended from time to time to make improvements and to address new issues. We make the best decisions with the information we have, but we need to see how the market responds to the bylaw.

What do ridesharing regulations mean for taxi drivers?

We’ve heard you want more options to get around Calgary. Ridesharing regulations give citizens more choice, while also keeping you safe. Taxi services are still important, and they will remain a vital part of the suite of vehicle-for-hire services in the city. As the economy and the vehicle-for-hire landscape change, customer satisfaction will continue to be critical for all industry participants.

Why do we need a “made in Calgary” solution for ridesharing when this isn’t the case in other cities?

There isn’t a one size fits all solution for the vehicle-for-hire industry—both within Calgary and in other markets. We know there’s a desire for more transportation options. We want to give you choice, but we want each option to be safe. That means we need a licence fee structure in place that works for companies of different sizes and covers The City’s costs (regulating the industry is not supported by tax dollars). We also need to have the right safety checks in place. The recent bylaw amendments, together with the provincial legislation, do just that.

What’s a licence fee structure?

Companies and drivers of vehicle-for-hire companies must pay a fee to be licensed. A licence fee structure refers to the different ways a vehicle-for-hire company can pay the driver and company licence fees to operate in Calgary.  

Why don’t we allow ridesharing companies to conduct their own background checks?

Safety is and always has been our top priority. We want to make sure the right standards are met so you can have a safe ride. The recently approved bylaw amendments allow for an automated application  system to be used, which will speed up the process to apply for a Transportation Network Driver’s Licence.

How do I become a Transportation Network Company (TNC) Driver?

Our TNC driver page has all the information you need on becoming a TNC driver.

Who do I call if I have a concern about any vehicle-for-hire service?

Call 311 or use our 311 mobile app to let The City know about any concerns.