Taxi, Limousine and Transportation Network Company Rates and Fares

Recent changes to our bylaw that regulates the taxi, limousine and Transportation Network Company industries allow for Transportation Network Companies to operate legally in Calgary. They also allow taxi, limousine, and Transportation Network Companies more flexibility in determining the rates they can charge customers.

Different types of services offered by taxi, limousine and Transportation Network Companies charge different rates. Below is more information on these rates.

What you need to know about Taxi, Limousine and Transportation Network Company Rates and Fares

What is the difference between a rate and a fare?

A fare is the payment that a customer pays. A rate is the payment amount based on a calculation.

Can’t The City do something about surge pricing?

It is up to you to be aware of the rate you are being charged before you accept a ride. Do your research and make an informed decision. When app rates are high, street hail or call a taxi to benefit from a regulated rate.

Who has the authority to determine app rates?

Taxi, limousine and Transportation Network Companies that have an app approved by the City can choose to charge any rate and change this rate based on consumer demand and market conditions.

What does rates based on "consumer demand and market conditions" mean?

This means that during busy times, for example during the holiday season or Stampede, rates will increase because more people will be relying on taxi, limousine and Transportation Network Company rides which will make the cost of your ride higher.

Are the taxi rates the same for a ride that is street hailed, dispatched or booked through a taxi company App?

Street hailed and/or planned trips by calling a company directly, use a regulated meter rate. Companies set their own rates for trips booked through the App.

What is the maximum regulated rate?

The maximum regulated rate is $4.50 for the first 120 meters (includes $0.10 accessible fee) and $0.20 for each additional 120 meters when travelling at a speed greater than 20.24 kilometres per hour.

Why are taxi rates from the airport more expensive?

The rate is higher because the fare covers any departure fees imposed by the Calgary Airport Authority.

When can I be charged a flat rate?

A taxi or limousine company can set flat rates for rides to and from the airport and any community in the city, to or from the airport and any hotel in the city, to or from the airport and any hospital in the city, and between hospitals in the city.

How do I find the most affordable ride?

The best way to find the most affordable ride is to do your research. Find out for yourself what the rates the different companies are charging and then decide which company to use.

Can I ask what rate is being charged before I decide to take the ride?

Absolutely, it is important to know that you have the right to ask what the rate is before you accept the ride.

How is the regulated rate calculated?

The City uses a calculation called a Taxi Cost Index (TCI) to set regulated taxi rates for street hails and traditional phone dispatch service. Regulated rates are then calculated using a combination of distance travelled and the amount of time for which the vehicle is hired.

Here is an example of the approximate cost using regulated taxi rates:
​Length of trip ​Approximate cost
Length of trip: ​5 kilometres Approximate cost: ​$14.00
Length of trip: ​10 kilometres Approximate cost: ​$23.50