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Family & Community Support Services research briefs

Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) Calgary research briefs are designed to guide organizations and funders who are working toward increasing social inclusion and strengthening neighbourhoods in Calgary. The emphasis is on preventive programming to avoid the onset or development of a problem, intervene at a very early stage of development, or mitigate the risk factors associated with an issue. Each research brief provides an overview of the issue, as well as evidence-informed strategies to prevent it from occurring or escalating.

Over the course of 2020, we are updating the research briefs. The updated briefs include the content from the 2014 version, as well as more recent statistics and a curated list of resources/links for more detailed information on each topic.

These research briefs have been updated:

These research briefs are in the process of being revised:

In addition, we have developed a practical guide for virtual service delivery.

Social return on investment

​Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology is a principles-based approach that values change for people and the environment that would otherwise not be valued. It assigns monetary value to traditionally non-valued things such as the environment and social value.

In the past FCSS Calgary has supported SROI-facilitated learning groups, and some organizations have completed an SROI analysis of their programs. The following is a brief overview of SROI analysis as one tool among many that assist to communicate the impact of preventive social programs, Understanding SROI​.