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Family & Community Support Services funding framework

The Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) Framework provides a strategic direction to guide FCSS funding in a way that’s responsive to emerging trends in the community, while also being flexible to incorporate new knowledge in the area of prevention.

The FCSS Funding Framework​ aligns with these Council-approved principles​:

  • Equity – The City will strive to provide equitable services. This includes removing barriers to access and inclusion.
  • Truth and Reconciliation – The City will advance the activated and shared process of Truth and Reconciliation in collaboration with the community.
  • Culture – The City will seek opportunities to grow culture.
  • Prevention – The City will aim to stop problems before they start, using a prevention approach.

The City of Calgary will direct FCSS Calgary funding to programs and initiatives that contribute to its long-term outcome of increased social inclusion of Calgarians experiencing vulnerabilities. Social isolation leads to a wide range of issues, such as family instability, child maltreatment, unemployment, and crime. Social isolation is also linked to negative physical and mental health outcomes. Investing in programs and initiatives that increase social inclusion will advance The City of Calgary’s vision of making life better for Calgarians.

The long-term outcome of increased social inclusion will be achieved through three main approaches, each with their own mid-term outcome:

  • Preventive programs and services to build individual and family capacity
  • Community development initiatives to increase community capacity
  • Policy and systems change initiatives to strengthen social infrastructure

Research demonstrates that these approaches, when used from an evidence-informed perspective, increase protective factors and decrease risk factors in individuals, families and communities, while strengthening Calgary’s social infrastructure.

Monitoring, evaluation and reporting

FCSS uses FCSS Social Inclusion Indicators 2016 to measure change before and after program participation. Every year, a Collective Impact Report 2019 - 2020 is generated. This report demonstrates the differences FCSS investments are making in the lives of Calgarians. Other measurement tools are used to assess the impact of FCSS investments in Community Development and Policy/Systems Change initiatives.

An FCSS annual Report​ highlights the impact of FCSS in the community.