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Neighbour Day

Saturday, June 19, 2021 Neighbour Day

Strong neighbourhoods are important to the health and well-being of our whole city. When neighbourhoods thrive, the people who live there thrive too.

Neighbour Day started in June 2014 to celebrate the incredible outpouring of support and generosity neighbours demonstrated after the 2013 floods. We want to continue to celebrate one of the things that makes Calgary such a great city — our strong and caring communities.

Neighbour Day now provides the opportunity for Calgarians to celebrate our community spirit, kindness and resilience through the pandemic.


What’s new this year?

For this year’s Neighbour Day we want you to celebrate safely. Please continue to watch for updates as the health restrictions change and vaccines continue to roll out.

Ideas for your Neighbourhood event (following all COVID-19 protocols)

Hosting a virtual event via video chat or phone is the safest way to connect with your neighbours this year. Reach out to your neighbours to help plan your event details, such as:

  • Invite a small group of nearby neighbours for a backyard or driveway get-together
  • Set up a neighbourhood scavenger hunt
  • Decorate your windows, fence or patio
  • Go for a walk in small groups to explore your neighbourhood and local parks
  • Organize a virtual meal or BBQ
  • Organize a small community clean-up using our TLC Kits (available for pick-up at Ralph Klein Park and the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary while supplies last). 
  • Or make up your own way to celebrate your community spirit (in line with COVID restrictions)

Share your experience with us through social media by using #yycNeighbourDay.

Invite Mayor Nenshi or your councillor

Request an appearance by sending us:

  • Date, time and virtual event link/location
  • Estimated number of attendees
  • Type of event
  • Neighbourhood name
  • Contact information

We will do our best to accommodate all invitations, but we cannot guarantee specific attendance at this time. You will receive a response to your invitation prior to the event.

Make a Neighbour Day pledge

Tell everyone three ways you’re planning to celebrate Neighbour Day. Don't forget to show the ways that you are helping support Calgary businesses by using #SupportLocalYYC. Post a picture of your Neighbour Day Pledge Card or write out your activities on any social media platform using #yycNeighbourDay.​

Download Neighbour Day Pledge Card

Decorate your home​​​

Gather your family to decorate your yard, balcony, door or window in red and white using lights, balloons and crafts. Leave your decorations up for Canada Day to showcase your pride for our country. Resources for decorating:


Activities for Neighbour Day