Book a park, pathway or greenspace

Before booking a park, pathway or greenspace

Please note: Applications take a minimum of 8 weeks to review and process.
Make sure you submit your booking request at least 8 weeks in advance of your desired event date. We are unable to process any request in under 8 weeks.

The lifting of COVID restrictions has resulted in an increase in booking requests for parks and greenspaces.

We are working to increase our capacity to respond to applications. Thank you for your patience as we try to manage and process applications as efficiently as possible.

For information on festival and event bookings, please visit the Festivals and Events page.

The City of Calgary public parks, pathways, skateparks, and greenspaces are available for various outdoor activities, including weddings, fundraising events, performances, walks/runs, fitness activities, etc. Picnic sites and community playfields can also be booked for purposes outside of the realm of their intended use.

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Book a park

Step 1. Browse Park, Pathway and Greenspace Availability

Step 2. Review Policies and Regulations

Step 3. Check Booking Timelines and Rental Rates

  • Applications for special events taking place this year currently take at least 8 weeks to process.
  • For the following year: Responses for (most) special event applications for the following year cannot be processed prior to the New Year. Customers can expect to receive permits or updates approximately 6 - 8 weeks after the New Year unless the event is occurring in the first 2 months of the year. Booking priorities are first given to festivals and renewal special events for the following year's booking requests.

Step 4. Submit an Application

  • To request a park, pathway, skatepark or greenspace complete the online special event and greenspace application form. (note: this application is optimized for submission using Internet Explorer 11)
  • For more information contact
  • Please note: Due to seasonal holidays, booking applications will not be processed between Dec. 22 – Jan. 6.

Confederation park

Rental rates

Rental Rates (prices include GST)
Greenspace $56.62 per day*
Pathways (exceptions below) $56.62 per day*
Pathway segments B04-07**(Bow River Pathways 04-07) $82.56 per day**
Special event admin fee $26.25 (non-refundable, due upon processing of application)

**B04-B07 are Bow River pathways: Shouldice Park pathway, Edworthy Park pathway, Prince's Island Park north & south pathways.