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Prevention Funding Capacity Building

Capacity building funding is available to organizations that are currently supported through one of the prevention funding programs administered by The City of Calgary, including Family & Community Support Services, the Crime Prevention Investment Plan, and Community Action on Mental Health and Addiction. City Council has approved up to $500,000 for capacity building in 2020.

Applications are due on March 11, 2020 at 11:59 pm. Organizations may only submit one application, and there is no minimum or maximum funding limits per application.

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Eligible initiatives

Eligible initiatives must build the capacity of the non-profit organizations’ and/or programs’ ability to effectively address the needs and interests of Calgarians experiencing vulnerabilities. Initiatives must meet the requirements for ONE of the funding categories: Emerging Issues or Organizational Effectiveness. While capacity building is an ongoing process, funds provided through this call must be spent in 2020.

Funding Category 1 - Emerging Social Issues

Funds are available to support collaborative initiatives among non-profit organizations to address a common emerging social issue. This work requires sustained effort from multiple stakeholders working to address issues or gaps in the non-profit sector.

Examples of initiatives could include, but are not limited to:

  • Social inclusion initiatives addressing service gaps among Calgarians experiencing vulnerabilities;
  • Collective impact initiatives that coordinate efforts among organizations focusing on issue-specific population groups;
  • Collaborative initiatives with organizations that seek to explore how issues can be addressed at the systems or policy level.

Anticipated outcomes

  • New partnerships between two or more non-profit organizations are established and have a sustainability plan;
  • New innovative strategies developed to address emerging social issues;
  • Coordinated response to emerging issues across non-profit organizations;
  • Identification of service gaps and strategies to address them are sustainable.

Funding Category 2 - Organizational Effectiveness

Funds are available to support an organization in increasing its effectiveness to address an emerging social issue impacting Calgarians experiencing vulnerabilities. Such work should go beyond regular programmatic activities of an organization and seek to enhance the ability of the organization to be adaptive and responsive.

Examples of initiatives could include, but not limited to:

  • Adjusting program design to be more responsive to the emerging needs of Calgarians experiencing vulnerabilities;
  • Strategies that help organizations better align with emerging trends in the non-profit sector, or better respond to emerging issues impacting its targeted population group; Related capacities include power analysis, network analysis, understanding the emerging issue lifecycle;
  • Evaluation or learning tools to better identify and understand client population.

Anticipated outcomes

  • New strategies that enable an organization to prioritize, innovate, and respond to internal or external changes;
  • Redistribution or reallocation of organizational resources to better respond to emerging issues;
  • Increased ability to implement new organizational or programmatic functions.

Accounting for use of funds

In addition to a project end report, capacity building funds must also be accounted for via an audited financial statement. Since applicants must be currently receiving funding through one of The City's prevention funding programs, funds can be accounted for as part of the organization's annual global audit.

Application evaluations

Proposals will be evaluated on:

  • Emerging social issue is clearly articulated, including impacted population(s);
  • Demonstration of need, and evidence to support request;
  • Clear outline of intended outcomes;
  • Clear articulation of whose capacity is being built, what capacity is being built, and how capacity is being built;
  • Alignment with best practice research in the advancement of addressing organizational capacity, program delivery, or emerging issue response;
  • For a sector-wide response, partners and their roles are clearly identified;
  • Requested amount proportionate to current City investment in the organization;
  • Demonstration that funds for this initiative will be spent by December 31, 2020

Frequently asked questions

The capacity building FAQ  provides more information on eligibility on the application process. If you still have questions, email

How to apply for funding

Submit your funding proposal online through the Funding Information Management System (FIMS). Your organization will access FIMS with a myID business account. Learn about how to obtain a myID business account and register for FIMS