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Pathways and bikeways - Closures


Important updates and closures

Eau Claire Walk Only Zone

To help Calgarians maintain the 2 metres of physical distance we are expanding the routes available to pathway users. We will continue to have a walk only zone from 6 Street SW to Centre Street and are adding a suggested wheeling detour (bikes, rollerblades AND scooters) to relieve the congestion in the Eau Claire area.​

North Glenmore Park bridges closure

The two bridges and connecting pathway continue to be closed to ensure public safety. Inspection and testing done as a normal part of transferring project ownership from the Contractor to the City revealed some modifications that need to be made to the bridges. The City is currently working to install temporary structural shoring at the bridges that will enable the bridges to be open for the summer months. The bridges will be closed again over the winter for permanent repairs.

Pathway closure and detour guidelines

This manual is intended as a practical working reference to be used by private contractors, consultants, utility companies, and City personnel that require a closure of a City of Calgary pathway, for the purposes of construction.

Encroaching on parks and greenspaces bylaw

Sometimes, landowners and/or residential homeowners, encroach on these designated properties. This includes City-owned parks and greenspaces. Find out more about the Encroachments bylaw.

Pathway closures map

All pathway closures shown on the map are currently closed for construction or due to hazardous conditions. Pathways not listed are considered to be open. 

All posted closure dates are weather dependent and subject to change.​

Questions or concerns about pathways

Snow on our pathways

Is it snowing? To make it easier for Calgarians to use the pathway system, maintenance activities include clearing snow from approximately 400 kilometers of paved (regional) pathways, usually within 24 hours of a snowfall. Be sure to check out the latest information about snow clearing on Calgary’s pathways.

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