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Caragana removal

Work has been initiated in several parks across Calgary to eliminate Caragana, an invasive species introduced from Siberia and parts of China. The removal of the shrub is being carried out to increase the biodiversity of existing native tree stands.

Parks where Caragana removal is currently being carried out include:

You will notice the following activities during the removal process:

  • Machine brushing and mulching of the Caragana stand where it has become very thick. Stump treatment of herbicide application.
  • Selectively brushing Caragana plants where they have crept into the native trees.
  • Soil conditioning, tilling the top soil layer, within the mulched areas.
  • Selective herbicide applications (spot spraying) of Caragana regrowth, anticipated to occur from remaining roots and seeds.
  • Reintroduction of native trees, shrubs and grasses, and wildflowers.

Caragana removal is a long-term project, and we thank you for your patience as we work to restore these areas to their natural condition.

Please see Parks'Natural Areas Management Plan, Open Space Plan, and the Municipal Development Plan for a long-term view of dealing with invasive species in our open spaces. Please call 311 for more information on specific projects.​​