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Calgary is preparing to reopen indoor recreation facilities based on the June 9 provincial relaunch announcement. We are excited to safely resume operations as soon as the necessary resources and processes are in place.

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Festivals and Events Cancellations

All City of Calgary supported events set to take place through August 31 are cancelled. In addition, permits for third party events that were set to be held on City land through August 31 have been cancelled. For the most updated information on mass gathering restrictions in Alberta, visit The Government of Alberta's restrictions for mass gatherings.


Continued use of City-owned athletic parks and playfields including athletic park tracks and baseball diamonds depends on users’ ability to ensure safety of all participants.

COVID-19 Terms and Conditions for users

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Step 1: ​Before booking a park Step 2: Book a park Fees: Rental rates​

The City of Calgary public parks, ​​pathways, skateparks, and greenspaces are available for various outdoor activities, including weddings, fundraising events, performances, walks/runs, fitness activities, etc. Picnic sites and community playfields can also be booked for purposes outside of the realm of their intended use.

Step 1. Browse Park, Pathway and Green Space Availability

  • Contact Facility Bookings to check availability of parks, pathways, skateparks, and green spaces.

Step 2. Review Policies and Regulations

Review the information on the parks, pathways and green spaces policies page.

Step 3. Check Booking Timelines and Rental Rates

  • Applications for special events taking place this year take 6 to 8 weeks the process. Applications for special events taking place next year will be processed 6 to 8 weeks after January 1.
  • For the following year: Responses for (most) special event applications for the following year cannot be processed prior to the New Year. Customers can expect to receive permits or updates approximately 6 - 8 weeks after the New Year unless the event is occurring in the first 2 months of the year. Booking priorities are first given to festivals and renewal special events for the following year's booking requests.

Step 4. Submit an Application


Confederation park
Confederation park​

Rental rates

Rental Rates (prices include GST)
Rental: Greenspace Rates (prices include GST): $56.62 per day*
Rental: Pathways (exceptions below) Rates (prices include GST): $56.62 per day*
Rental: Pathway segments B04-07**
(Bow River Pathways 04-07)
Rates (prices include GST): $82.56 per day**
Rental: Special event admin fee Rates (prices include GST): $26.25 (non-refundable, due upon processing of application)

**B04-B07 are Bow River pathways: Shouldice Park pathway, Edworthy Park pathway, Prince's Island Park north & south pathways.