The Canadian Aviation Act classifies drones under 250 grams as micro drones, which have fewer regulations than other drones.

Any drone over 250 grams requires a Calgary Parks Green Space Application to be flown in any park. The application processes is outlined here. This process could take up to 8 weeks to receive approval.

Flying drones under 250 grams (micro drones)

The new Parks and Pathway Bylaw states that you can fly a drone under 250 grams without a permit in permitted areas, as long as you comply will all provincial and federal legislation. Be courteous when flying a drone. The Parks and Pathway Bylaw prohibits any behaviour which “unreasonably disturbs the use or enjoyment of the park by any other user of the park”.

Drone areas have been considered to allow for as broad use as possible, while still minimizing conflict with wildlife and other parks users.

Where you can and cannot fly micro drones

Flying micro drones is permitted in the following areas:

  • An open space with good sight lines, few people, and where wildlife is not present, including birds. The following open space types may be appropriate:
    • Open space in a regional park (in compliance with the Not Permitted list)
    • Community parks
    • Playfields when not in use

Flying micro drones is not permitted in the following areas:

  • Prairie Winds Park (due to proximity to airport).
  • All splash parks, including 30m from the edge or fence. This includes the splash park area in Bowness, West Confederation, Riley, Rotary, South Glenmore, Eau Claire, and Valleyview Parks.
  • All cemeteries including Queens Park, Union, Burnsland, St Mary’s Pioneer, Chinese, and the new Southeast cemetery.
  • Any natural area. Larger natural areas include Nose Hill Park, Weaselhead Park, Ralph Klein Park, and Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, but smaller natural areas exist throughout Calgary. Be sure to avoid wildlife including birds, ponds streams and rivers, nesting trees, and tall grass. 
  • Near wetlands, storm ponds, tree stands or tall grass where nesting birds may be present