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Book an artificial turf field

Book an artificial turf field

Artificial Turf fields can be used for football, soccer, field lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, field hockey, rugby, special events and tournaments.

Step 1 - Review rental rates

Outdoor artificial turf

All prices include GST

  • Minimum 1 hour booking with additional increments of 15 minutes (pending availability)
  • Payment is due 30 days before the start date, when requesting 6 or more bookings.
  • Payment is due immediately if booking within 30 days of a start date.
  • Payment is due immediately for 5 bookings or less.

Outdoor artificial turf rental rates

McMahon Stadium rentals Rates





Locker Rooms


Shouldice, Ernest Manning, Calgary Soccer Centre (fields 2,3,4) Rates





Indoor artificial turf

All prices include GST

Indoor artificial turf rental rates

Calgary Soccer Centre (Prime season) - October 1, 2020 - March 31, 2021 Rates

Non prime time
(Mon - Fri before 6:00 p.m.)


Youth (18 & under)




Indoor Tournaments
*minimum 20 hours rented over three consecutive days


Calgary Soccer Centre (Non prime season): April 1, 2020 - September 30, 2020 Rates

Indoor field rates


Indoor Tournaments
* minimum 20 hours rented over three consecutive days


Step 2 - Browse Artificial Turf locations and availability

  • Check availability.
  • Check Artificial turf locations and features below to determine which park is suitable for your needs.

Artificial turf fields

Athletic Park Features

Ernest Manning Artificial Turf Field 20 Springborough Blvd S.W.

  • One (1) regulation sized artificial turf field with lines for football, soccer and field hockey
  • Field lights 
  • Score clock
  • Football uprights
  • Portable soccer nets
  • Portable field hockey nets
  • Parking

Shouldice Artificial Turf Fields 1515 Home Road N.W.

  • Three (3) Shouldice Artificial Turf fields with lights, score clock and public announcement (PA) system. Fields are lined for soccer and football river fields are lined for field hockey early in the season
  • Portable field hockey nets on Encana, and Stampeder 
  • Portable soccer nets on all fields
  • Field concession
  • Field house with dressing rooms and washrooms
  • Parking

McMahon Stadium 1817 Crowchild Trail N.W.

  • One (1) regulation sized artificial turf field

Calgary Soccer Centre  7000 - 48 Street S.E.

  • Eight (8) regulation indoor fields and three (3) premium outdoor turf fields, spectator bleachers (or shelters), change rooms, public washrooms

Step 3 - Review conditions and regulations

Step 4 - Check Booking Timelines

Calgary Soccer Centre

Prime season (October 1 - March 31)
Outdoor Field Public Day June 17, 2021
Non prime season (April 1 - September 30)
Site is closed statutory holidays unless there are tournament bookings.

Ernest Manning, Shouldice & McMahon Stadium

Greater Calgary Amateur Football Association (GCAFA) - Shouldice artificial turf fields only

Dates: Actions:

Dec. 7 - 10, 2020

Renewal permits and Infoview spreadsheets emailed

Feb. 1, 2021

Renewal permit amendments due (without fee)

Regular season renewals/rollovers – All artificial turf fields

Dates: Actions:

Feb. 1-5, 2021

Renewal permits emailed

Mar. 1, 2021

Renewal permit amendments due (without fee)

Public Day – All artificial turf fields

Dates: Actions:

Jun. 17, 2021

Public day for any new requests in July/August for fields will be booked on a first come, first served basis beginning at 8:30 a.m.

Regular season (April - November) - Artificial turf fields are available for booking April through November. Snow removal is not guaranteed. Customers can book by application or by phone (403) 268-3800, option #2.

Offseason (December - March) - Shouldice artificial turf fields are available to book in the offseason, however snow removal is not provided. All offseason bookings must be requested via application only.

Prior to April 1, 2021 and after December 1, 2021 artificial turf fields require approval to book.

Step 5 - Book an artificial turf field

Ready-to-apply checklist

When you can mark each task completed, you’re ready to fill out the application form.

__ I've read and understand each of the terms and conditions for booking:

__ I've selected an Artificial turf field and confirmed my preferred date and time is available.
__ I'm aware of the rental rates and when payment is due.
__ I'm applying on the correct date.