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Book Shouldice Seasonal Dome

The City of Calgary has erected an air-supported structure over the existing Encana artificial turf field at Shouldice Athletic Park.

The dome will be up annually from approximately November to May (weather dependent) and will allow sports to be played year-round.

The Shouldice Dome can be used for football, soccer, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee and more.

Shouldice Seasonal Dome has a 300 person capacity.

The Calgary Soccer Centre and Shouldice Athletic Park have sponsorship and naming rights opportunities available. For more information, please call 311 or contact us at Citizen Web Portal.

Seasonal open/close schedule

The Shouldice Seasonal Dome operates seasonally and is closed during shoulder seasons based on weather for:

  • Deflation: approximately May 15 – 31 of each year.
  • Inflation:  approximately October 15 – 31 of each year
Booking Season Dates Field Configurations Available
Fall/Winter November 1 – March 31

Full Field (150 x 65 yards)

Half Field (75 x 65 yards)

Third Field (50 x 60 yards)

Quarter Field (75 x 32.5 yards)


April 1 – October 31

The Shoudlice Seasonal Dome will remain inflated until approximately the middle of May each year depending on weather.

To learn more about booking rates, timelines and availability during this season please see: Book outdoor artificial turf.

Field class

The Shouldice Seasonal Dome is an artificial turf field and winter practice facility with staff and limited amenities such as:

  • Field dividers to separate the field in to halves, quarters & thirds
  • Various sized soccer nets for different field divisions
  • Floating football uprights

User groups should come ready to play as no changerooms are available. Washroom and water fountains are located outside the seasonal dome. Bookings may be adjusted and or cancelled to ensure the 300 person capacity is not exceeded at any time.

Field location and features

Shouldice Dome location Features Not included

Shouldice Athletic Park 1515 Home Road N.W.

  • One (1) dome covered soccer / football artificial turf field with lights
  • Fields are lined for soccer and football
    • Field dividers to split the turf into quarters, thirds and halves
    • Various sized nets to support quarter, third, and half size field rentals
    • Floating football uprights
    • Washrooms (outside of the Dome)
    • Access to water fountains are outside in the washrooms 
    • Parking
    • No scoreboard (bring your own portable scoreboard)
    • No change rooms
    • There are no supplies inside the dome (bring your own i.e. paper towels, tissues, etc)

    Rental rates

    Shouldice Seasonal Dome rentals Rates

    Whole Field (150 yards x 65 yards)


    Half Field (75 yards x 65 yards)


    Third (50 yards x 60 yards)


    Quarter (75 yards x 32.5 yards)


    Booking schedule

    The booking schedule is updated annually by May 31 for the following season.

    Divided fields with nets are available while the dome is in place, from Nov. 1 - Mar. 31. To book during this time, follow the instructions on this page.

    The dome is deflated sometime between Apr. 1 and the end of May. During this period, only full field bookings are available at regular outdoor turf rates. To book dates from Apr. 1 - Oct. 15, visit our outdoor artificial turf fields page.

    Booking of the Shouldice Seasonal Dome is available first to identified priority user groups. There are currently no renewals for the Shouldice Seasonal Dome.

    New requests are handled on a first-come, first-served basis on public day, by application only. This field can be booked on or after the Public Day of the season.

    Fall/Winter Session: October 1 – March 31

    Dates Renewals New requests

    Jun. 7, 2024


    New tournament/special event applications due. 

    Jun. 17, 2024

    Tournament/special event tentative renewal booking information sent.


    Jun. 28, 2024

    25% non-refundable payment for tournament/special event renewals due

    25% non-refundable payment for tournament/special event renewals due

    Jul. 8, 2024

    Renewal bookings sent


    Jul. 30, 2024

    Renewal booking cancellations or reductions in time due without a fee.

    Requests for additional time cannot be submitted until Public Day.


    Aug. 15, 2024

    Public Day – Application Only

    New booking requests can be submitted by application only starting at 8:30 a.m. Applications received before 8:30 a.m. will be closed without processing. 

    Availability & booking

    Check field availability and submit an application using our online form. Applications can take up to seven business days to process after public day has occurred.

    Rules, conditions & terms

    Rules & regulations

    Shouldice Seasonal Dome may have additional rules apart from the general rules listed below. Read the Terms & Conditions section.

    General rules

    • Footwear allowed for fields: rubber-soled shoes with rubber screw-in cleats less than 1/2 inch, or running shoes. No metal cleats or cleats larger than 1/2 inch.
    • Please be considerate of community residents and all other park users.
    • Groups are responsible for any damages to the field, tracks, or velodrome and to surrounding residences, schools, cars and parking lots.
    • Public disturbances and excessive noise, including vulgar language and honking of car horns, are prohibited.
    • Dogs are not permitted at athletic parks (Bylaw 23M2006 – Section 15).


    • Parking is not permitted in private parking lots, driveways, alleys or on greenspace. Vehicles are not permitted to drive on grass turf, including playfields.
    • Field users are expected to abide by all parking bylaws.


    • Sales of food, merchandise, possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages are not permitted on athletic parks unless it is for an approved special event.
    • If you are having port-a-potties placed on site, you must contact The City through 3-1-1 to arrange a suitable location.  Port-a-potties are not allowed at artificial turf locations.

    Additional rules: Artificial Turf Field

    • Bicycles, roller blades, skateboards and baseball metal cleats are not allowed on artificial turf fields.
    • No access to fields or tracks that are covered in snow.
    • User groups are NOT allowed to remove snow from artificial turf and tracks. 
    • Not permitted: driving stakes, no food or non-water liquids (no sport drinks), glass containers, sunscreen, hard nylon or metal cleats.

    Additional rules: Track use

    • When the soccer field is booked at Glenmore Athletic Park, use of the running track is not permitted.
    • Use of rollerblades and bikes are prohibited on the track.

    Alcohol and Cannabis Consumption – Zero Tolerance

    Alcohol and Cannabis Consumption – Zero Tolerance

    The City of Calgary in accordance with City Bylaws has established a zero alcohol and cannabis environment at City facilities. We ask for your support as we do our best to provide safe and enjoyable family environments at all City-owned facilities.

    If organizations fail to comply with the guidelines they will be contacted by a City of Calgary representative and advised of the non-compliance. By agreeing to the terms of your ensuring that all league members are aware of the guidelines. 

    The Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis Act, Section 89 provides that no person may use or consume liquor in a public place or any place other than a residence, temporary residence, licensed premises or any other place as prescribed in the regulations.

    Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis Act, R.S.A. June 17, 2020

    Public Place

    89(1) Except as provided in this Act, no person may use or consume liquor in a public place or any place other than a residence, temporary residence, licensed premises or a place or class of place prescribed in the regulations where liquor may be used or consumed.

    The City of Calgary in accordance with City Bylaws has established a zero alcohol and cannabis environment at City facilities. We ask for your support as we do our best to provide safe and enjoyable family environments at all City-owned facilities.

    This Act 89(1) applies to all arenas, athletic parks, pools, playfields, parking lots and multi-purpose facilities.

    Fines for not complying with Bylaw # 23M2018 smoking or vaping in public spaces is $100 (Cannabis) $115.00 (Alcohol or intoxication) 

    Some exceptions are:

    • Festivals/Events booked through Recreation with approval/license from The Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC) agency and paid security.
    • Private adult events booked through an Athletic Park Special Event Application Form, with proof of AGLC approval/license. Security is provided for the duration of the event at a cost of $35 per hour per security guard. Security volunteers are not permitted.
    • Concessions with an AGLC license to sell alcohol.

    Zero tolerance is in full effect and actions will be taken for organizations and or individuals who do not abide.

    For organizations or individuals that would like to request Alcohol on site please apply through the special event application process


    Terms & conditions

    All groups must have their permit with them during bookings to avoid conflict. If non-permitted user is occupying site, please contact City staff if available on site, or call 311. 

    The City reserves the right to revise or cancel permits at any time.

    Conditions of Athletic Park use

    Failure to observe facility regulations including but not limited to failure to meet payment deadlines, subletting, verbal, physical abuse, alcohol or drug use while on site may result in consequences including the cancellation of permit(s) and loss of renewal privileges.  A full list of use/regulations can be found . The City of Calgary is not liable for any personal injury, loss or damage to personal property that may result from facility use.

    Groups are responsible for any damages to the field, tracks, or velodrome and to surrounding residences, schools, cars and parking lots. 

    No access to fields, tracks, or velodrome that are covered in snow. The velodrome may be closed due to the surface being wet.  Fields may be closed due to inclement weather. User groups are required to check the field status, the day of your booking.  Field Status tool will be updated weekdays by 4:00pm, weekends by 9:00am and by 1:00pm.

     User groups are NOT allowed to remove snow from any athletic park assets including artificial turf and tracks.

    Conditions of Shouldice Seasonal Dome use


    • Solicitation, marketing, or facility branding is unauthorized without permission by City of Calgary staff.
    • Unauthorized sale or distribution of food or beverages, goods and services is prohibited.
    • Unless otherwise stated, all food and beverage must be acquired through on-site tenants.
    • Alcohol must be consumed in licensed areas only (lounge area). Possession or consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited in all common areas, on the fields and in the dressing rooms.


    • Physical or verbal abuse to any City of Calgary staff, other participants or spectators will not be tolerated. Violation may result in immediate ejection from the property and/or result in forfeit of future use at the Shouldice Seasonal Dome.
    • Use of profanity or inappropriate language is not allowed.
    • Kicking or throwing equipment (clothing, padding, balls, etc.) in common areas is not allowed.
    • Garbage and recycling should be placed in the receptacles provided.
    • Outdoor shoes MUST be cleaned upon entrance into the dome, a boot cleaner is provided upon access.
    • There will be a first aid kit and an AED on site.
    • There is limited power outlets inside the dome
    • For emergencies, please contact the dome site cell (403) 620-4863

    Renter responsibilities

    • The renter is responsible for the conduct of all participants, spectators and affiliated members (volunteers, coordinators, officials, etc.) involved.
    • The renter is responsible for all media release, liability waivers, and assumption of risk agreements for each of its participants.
    • The renter will notify a City of Calgary staff immediately if an injury occurs.
    • Renters and participants do not have exclusive use of common areas around the fields.
    • The renter and participants will be allowed access onto the field at the START of the appointment time, and are required to vacate field at the END of the appointment time. This includes setup and teardown time if necessary (does not account for change room time).
    • Field Modifications including but not limited to additional equipment, or field markings must be approved by City of Calgary staff. Additional installation and/or removal fees may be incurred.
    • All fields, and common areas are to be left in equal to or better condition as found. Groups/Individuals are responsible for any damage to the facility, plus a minimum $250.00 fine.
    • Food and drinks are not permitted on the fields or player benches, including but not limited to chewing gum, seeds and tobacco products. Water is permitted.
    • Use of open flames or fireworks is prohibited.

    Conditions of facility use

    R 1518 (R2008-11) B

    The conditions listed below apply to the use of the facility for which this permit is issued. Facilities managed by the Calgary Board of Education and the Calgary Catholic Separate School Division #1 may have additional regulations which are established by the respective School Board and which if applicable are attached.

    The City of Calgary Bylaws govern appropriate activities and behaviour in parks and facilities, and all renters are required to abide by these bylaws and their regulations. These bylaws may be found at In addition, regulations and requirements laid out in the permit Conditions of Use section, permit Additional Notes section and the following apply:

    1. Changes to Permits (by the customer)

    Once a permit has been issued, any amendments made by the renter involving the cancellation of time(s) and/or date(s) will result in an administrative fee of $10 plus GST/10 bookings/permit. Notification to The City of Calgary Facility Bookings must be received in writing within a minimum of:

    • 30 (thirty) calendar days in advance of the rental date for all facility types. Christmas, Spring/Easter breaks, additional time will be required. Please call 403-268-3800, option #1 to determine the timeline affecting your permits.
    • 7 (seven) calendar days in advance of rental date for Picnic Sites. 
    • No cancellations or refunds permitted for Spring/Summer (April 1 – August 31) arena bookings.
    • No cancellations or refunds permitted for E Class playfields once season starts (April 15)

    Failure to observe these timelines will result in the renter being charged the full cost of the rental.

    2. Changes to Permits (by The City of Calgary)

    The City of Calgary reserves the right to cancel or amend this permit in advance of the date should special circumstances arise. In these circumstances, a full credit or refund will be made to the renter (or alternate date(s) provided where possible).

    3. Credits and Refunds Related to Weather/Maintenance

    • Credits or refunds will be processed automatically for Athletic Park and Calgary Soccer Centre  closures.
    • Credits or refunds for inclement weather will not be issued for D class playfields, Picnic sites and Tennis courts. 
    • Credits or refunds will not be issued for E-class playfields.

    4. Behaviour of Rental Party

    I agree that as the person in whose name this permit has been executed that:

    1. I am responsible for the actions of those who use the facility during the time of rental;
    2. I will pay for the reasonable costs of any damage caused to the facilities by my actions or the actions of those who use the facility during the time of rental;
    3. I will take reasonable steps to ensure that no unauthorized persons enter the facility during the time of rental;
    4. I will indemnify and save harmless The City of Calgary and/or the Calgary Board of Education and/or the Calgary Catholic Separate School District #1 from and against all actions, causes of action, suits, demands, payments, judgments or settlement, including solicitor client costs which arise from my use or the use of the facility by those I represent, except where such actions arise from the negligence of The City of Calgary, the Calgary Board of Education or the Calgary Catholic Separate School District #1.

    This permit may be cancelled at any time if, in the opinion of The City or School Board, the conduct of those using the facility is not satisfactory.

    5. Insurance

    Organizations or individuals renting facility space through The City of Calgary are required to carry general liability insurance acceptable to the Risk Management section of the Law Department in an amount of not less than Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000) inclusive limit for any one occurrence and such insurance shall include the City of Calgary and the respective School Board as additional insured. This insurance must not have a participant’s exclusion.

    6. Ticket Sales, Liquor Events, Gambling, Smoking

    Organizations charging admission to events in City facilities are responsible for ticket sales; The City may take a percentage of any gate admissions charged to participants. No gambling is permitted. Liquor may only be consumed where a permit has been obtained and in space designated for its consumption. The Calgary Board of Education and the Calgary Separate School District do not permit any alcohol in schools. Smoking is not permitted in any facility.

    7. Unauthorized use

    No permit holder may assign or sublet their interest in a City or School Board facility.

    8. Personal information

    The personal information collected in the process of issuing this facility rental permit is obtained under the authority of Section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and is necessary for operating a program or activity of this public body.

    Further, this information may be used for marketing purposes specifically related to programs or services delivered directly by The City of Calgary Recreation and will not be sold or shared with any individual or organization, except with the consent of the individual or organization, or as required by law. If you have questions about the collection and use of this information, please contact Facility Bookings at 403-268-3800, Option 2.

    ISC: Unrestricted

    Payment options

    Payment terms & options

    Payment due dates vary by the type of rental period. Refer to your invoice or permit. Rental permits may be cancelled for non-payment by the specified due date. Payments can be accepted online at using the same email address listed on your rental permit or by phone during regular business hours - 403-268-3800, option #2.

    Cancellations or changes

    Rental cancellations & changes

    When notified at least 30 days before the rental date, cancellations and reductions in time will be refunded. A $10.50 administration fee applies. The fee covers up to 10 changes per permit, per change submission. Submit cancellations or changes through the online amendment request form at

    Personal information

    The City collects personal information through the rental application process under authority of the:

    • Facility Booking Policy and Procedure
    • Facility Use Agreement
    • Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, section 33(c)

    We use your information only to contact you about your rental application and permit as required.

    Account Credit or Refunds

    Occasionally our fields are closed unexpectedly because of weather or other factors. We recommend you always check the field status before heading out.

    The Field Status is updated every weekday before 4 p.m. and every weekend before 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Find more information on each field here.

    If a field is closed by our staff, you will automatically be provided with an account credit/refund within 3 business days.

    Inclement Weather

    Weather can be unpredictable and change quickly. We may close our fields due to concerns around the integrity of a field that result in safety concerns such as the field is too wet and soft to play on or there has standing water.

    Air Quality Health Index of 8 or higher

    We will not close our Athletic Parks due to a poor Air Quality Health Index rating as per Environment Canada. Athletic Parks will remain open however, maintenance work ahead of bookings may be reduced. When a user group does not show up and a No-Show is recorded by site staff an account credit or refund will be provided.

    Unplanned or Emergency Maintenance

    Things happen and sometimes we need to close a field last minute to perform necessary maintenance to keep our fields in safe and good condition.