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Book an Athletic Park Diamond, Field, Track or the Velodrome

Book an Athletic Park, Diamond, Field, Track or the Velodrome

Athletic parks are available to book for football, baseball, softball, soccer, field hockey, field lacrosse, track, ultimate Frisbee, sports tournaments and special events. An outdoor cycling track is also available to book at Glenmore Athletic Park.

Looking for artificial turf fields?

Step 1 - Review rental rates

2021 rental rates

All prices include GST

Field/diamond description Adult rate Minor rate

"A" CLASSIFICATION - Foothills Stadium

 Staff onsite and amenities such as washrooms, lights, change rooms and possibly concessions. Higher standard of facility and playing surface.  Field maintenance increases based on use and type of event. 



"B" CLASSIFICATION - Most City athletic park fields.

May have staff and/or amenities such as seating, lights, change rooms, washrooms (some portable) and concessions. Higher level of maintenance; grass cutting, dragging of diamonds, shale infield, bases, and corner soccer flags supplied.



"C" CLASSIFICATION - Pop Davies, Woodbine, Optimist #13

No staff onsite, limited amenities, reduced levels of turf management.



Ball tournaments - softball, baseball or slo pitch Rates





Rates apply to groups requesting 2 or more diamonds at approximately the same time, at the same athletic park. Additional fees may apply based on requests.​​​

Track and field Rates


$99.76/hr if not part of the groups below

Track practice - High school athletics, school groups and Calgary Track Council


Track meet - High school athletics, school groups and Calgary Track Council


Track meets/special events require an application and approval.

McMahon Stadium rentals Rates





Locker rooms


Artificial Turf Fields - Shouldice, Ernest Manning, & Calgary Soccer Centre Rates





Velodrome at Glenmore Athletic Park Rates



Step 2 - Browse Athletic Park locations and availability


Athletic park locations and features

Search by sport
Sport Locations Features

Baseball diamonds

Glenmore, Optimist, Foothills, New Brighton

Bases are included at all baseball diamonds. All diamonds are dragged and lined.

Field hockey

Ernest Manning, Shouldice

Portable Field Hockey nets, lined fields at Ernest Manning and on the river fields at Shouldice only. 


Shouldice Artificial Turf Fields Ernest Manning Artificial Turf Fields, Glenmore, Acadia

All fields are lined /marked according to the type of football being played.



Fields are lined



Most are lined Net and flags are available at some of the parks.

Softball/slow pitch


Bases are included at all baseball diamonds except for Pop Davies and Woodbine. All diamonds are dragged and lined.


Foothills, Glenmore

Track equipment varies between these two parks. Equipment set up is done by the group booking the facility. No lights.



200 meter outdoor cycling velodrome for cycling, or a cycling special event.

Search by location
Athletic Park Location Features

Acadia Athletic Park 315 90 Ave S.E.

  • Minor use only
  • Two (2) regulation flag football fields
  • One (1) small flag football field
  • Six (6) outdoor public tennis courts 
  • Parking

Ernest Manning Athletic Park 20 Springborough Blvd S.W.

  • One (1) regulation sized artificial turf field with lines for football, soccer and field hockey
  • Field lights 
  • Score clock
  • Football uprights
  • Portable soccer nets
  • Portable field hockey nets
  • Parking

Foothills Athletic Park 2424 University Drive N.W.

  • Three (3) regulation soccer fields One with lights
  • Little League baseball diamond with 210' fence
  • Running track 400m
  • Long jump pits
  • Pole vault
  • Discus
  • Javelin
  • Shot-put
  • Washroom facilities
  • Eight (8) outdoor public tennis courts
  • One (1) Baseball diamond with 400' outfield

Forest Lawn Athletic Park 4808 14 Ave S.E.

  • One (1) regulation 70 X 110 yard soccer field with lights
  • Full washroom facilities
  • Change facilities
  • Parking

Frank McCool Athletic Park 1900 Lake Bonavista Dr. S.E.

  • Two (2) regulation soccer fields
  • One (1) ultimate frisbee field
  • Parking

Glenmore Athletic Park 5300 19 Street S.W.

  • Three (3) regulation unlit soccer fields
  • Two (2) slow pitch/softball diamonds
  • One (1) regulation soccer field field with lights and public announcement (PA) system
  • One (1) regulation touch football field
  • Four (4) flag football fields 
  • One (1) Baseball diamond with 395' outfield and 6' fence, with lights
  • Seven (7) outdoor public tennis courts
  • Velodrome
  • Running track with lights (from soccer field)
  • Shot-put
  • Long-triple jump
  • Javelin
  • High jump
  • Hammer / discus
  • Washroom facilities
  • Parking

McMahon Stadium 1817 Crowchild Trail NW

  • One (1) regulation sized artificial turf field with lines for football, soccer and field hockey
  • Field lights 
  • Score clock
  • Public announcement (PA) system
  • Football uprights
  • Change room / washrooms facilities
  • Parking

New Brighton Athletic Park 5801 130 Avenue S.E.

  • Four (4) rectangular natural turf fields
  • One (1) natural turf baseball diamond
  • Change room / washrooms facilities
  • Two (2) playgrounds (for ages 2-5 and 6-12)
  • Skatepark (opening in the fall of 2016)
  • Parking (260 stalls)
  • Two (2) non-structured activity spaces

Optimist Athletic Park 5020 26 Avenue S.W

  • One (1) regulation soccer field with lights
  • Two (2) 300' x 180' Lacrosse fields
  • One (1) Baseball diamond with 400' outfield with lights
  • Six (6) softball diamonds
  • One (1) Little league diamond
  • One (1) unfenced baseball diamond
  • Washroom facilities
  • Parking

Pop Davies Athletic Park 6415 Ogden Road S.E.

  • Two (2) regulation soccer fields
  • Five (5) softball diamonds
  • Parking

Renfrew Athletic Park 814 13 Avenue N.E.

  • Two (2) regulation soccer fields
  • One (1) fenced softball diamond with 250' outfield with lights
  • One (1) fenced softball diamond with 250' outfield, no lights.
  • Washrooms
  • Playground area
  • Barbeque area
  • Parking

Shouldice Athletic Park 1515 Home Road N.W.

  • Three (3) Shouldice Artificial Turf fields with lights, score clock and public announcement (PA) system. Fields are lined for soccer and football, river fields are lined for field hockey early in season.
  • Three (3) regulation soccer fields
  • 1 regulation natural turf football field
  • Four (4) unlit softball diamonds
  • Four (4) softball fields with 240' fenced outfield, lights, public announcement (PA) system and score clocks
  • Portable field hockey nets on Encana, and Stampeder 
  • Field concession
  • Field house with dressing rooms and washrooms
  • Parking

Tom Brook Athletic Park 2000 Southland Drive S.W.

  • One regulation soccer field with lights
  • One fenced softball diamond with 264' outfield
  • Picnic area
  • Parking

Woodbine Athletic Park 24th St. & Woodpark Blvd. S.E.

  • Two (2) regulation soccer fields
  • Two softball diamonds with 250' outfield
  • Parking

Artificial Turf Locations Features

Ernest Manning Artificial Turf Field 20 Springborough Blvd S.W.

One (1) regulation sized artificial turf field with lines for football, soccer and field hockey

Shouldice Artificial Turf Fields 1515 Home Road N.W.

Three (3) regulation sized artificial turf fields

McMahon Stadium 1817 Crowchild Trail N.W.

One (1) regulation sized artificial turf field

Step 3 - Review conditions and regulations

Step 4 - Check Booking Timelines

The booking of Athletic Park facilities is available first to priority/renewal users, then to the general public on a first-come, first-served basis. One Public Day occurs each season, for all facility types

Athletic park applications can take up to a maximum of seven business days to process after public day has occurred.

Note: Timelines will be updated annually by Oct. 31 for the following season.


Greater Calgary Amateur Football Association (GCAFA) - Shouldice artificial turf fields only
Dates Actions
Dec. 7 - 10, 2020 Renewal permits and Infoview spreadsheets emailed
Feb. 1, 2021 Renewal permit amendments due (without fee)
Renewal - Special events, tournaments and track meets TBA, pending provincial and municipal COVID-19 updates
Dates Actions
TBA Renewal tentative permit information emailed
TBA Confirmation deadline, firmed permits emailed to renewal event groups
TBA Renewal 25% deposits due
New/Changed - Special events, tournaments and track meets TBA pending provincial and municipal COVID-19 updates
Dates Actions
TBA Special event/tournament/track meet applications due
TBA Firmed permits emailed to groups as approved by site staff
TBA 25% deposits due 7 days after firmed permit sent to customer
Diamond, Track, Velodrome, Rectangular Field - Regular season renewals/rollovers
Dates Actions
Delayed to Feb. 15-19, 2021 Renewal permits emailed
Mar. 1, 2021 Renewal permit amendments due (without fee)
Public Day
Dates Actions
Jun. 17, 2021 

Public day for any new requests in July/August for athletic parks will be booked on a first come, first served basis beginning at 8:30 a.m.

Opening days - See open/close schedule in step 1
Dates Actions
Apr. 1, 2021 Shouldice artificial turf and Calgary Soccer Centre tentative opening day for the season
Apr. 12, 2021 Diamonds, tracks and velodrome open for the season
April 26, 2021 Rectangular fields open for the season
Closing days
Dates Actions
Oct. 17, 2021 Athletic parks close (except Shouldice artificial turf) for the season
Dec. 2, 2021 Artificial turf fields off season begins

Prior to April 1, 2021 and after December 1, 2021 artificial turf fields require approval to book.

Renewal rights

Ball Diamond Renewal Qualifications

Renewal rights exist when a group has a booking of 10 dates at one facility (specific ball diamond) for the same time period, on the same day of the week. (Example: at least 10 bookings at Shouldice #6, Wednesday evenings from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.) Renewal bookings are based on your organization’s historical use at each individual facility on a yearly basis.

If you delete dates from your renewal permit during the session resulting in less than 10 bookings on the same day of the week for the same time frame on the same facility, you may risk losing your renewal rights. It takes 2 years to establish a renewal and 2 years to lose a renewal. This practice allows established renewal groups some flexibility as unforeseen circumstances may arise. If a group falls below the 10 booking minimum for 2 years in a row; the renewal is lost.  No-Shows will not be renewed on permits for the following season.

New renewals are groups that have qualified for renewal status for the first time. These groups are offered a renewal if there are no operational or historical booking conflicts. Established renewals are groups who have booked a minimum of 2 years in a row. If your booking is considered a renewal, you will automatically receive a renewal permit the following session provided there are no operational conflicts. You will not have to apply for the space, and you will be given the option to cancel the renewal permit without charge.

Sports Field Renewal Qualifications

Sports fields renewals will be automatically issued based on previous year’s use, provided the user group has booked a minimum of 10 bookings on the same day of the week, at the same time of day, at the same facility at the same Athletic Park. Failure to maintain 10 bookings on the same day of the week, at the same time of day, at the same facility at the same Athletic Park will result in loss of the renewal for the following year. Groups are not penalized for shifts in time due to sundown. No-Shows will not be renewed on permits for the following season.​​​​

Select facilities are currently open.

Step 5 - Submit an Athletic Field Application

  • Five or less standard bookings can be booked by contacting Facility Bookings or by completing the athletic park application form. Please note that during the peak season, if your first booking is within 7 days it is best to call in your short notice requests to ensure that you have them secured.​
  • More than five standard bookings – must be submitted on an athletic park application form.
  • To book a day camp, marching band practice/competition, track meet, tournament or special event you must complete the online athletic park special event and tournament application
    • A non-refundable administration fee of $26.25 must be paid prior to applications being sent to the site for approval.
  • For more information contact Facility Bookings.

Ready-to-apply checklist

When you can mark each task completed, you’re ready to fill out the application form.

__ I've read and understand each of the terms and conditions for booking:

__ I've selected an athletic park/field and confirmed my preferred date and time is available.
__ I'm aware of the rental rates and when payment is due.
__ I'm applying on the correct date.