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Flexible Work Options

An increasing number of employees from all walks of life are looking for greater flexibility in the workplace to better balance work and other responsibilities. As well,from a business perspective, several studies have documented the positive impacts of flexible work options on productivity and employee health/wellness.

The City of Calgary endeavours to create the most productive work environment possible. Flexible work also helps achieve a productive work environment by improving employee retention, reducing absenteeism, improving employee morale, and increasing customer satisfaction. Flexible work allow employees to coordinate schedules with family commitments and to shift travel to off-peak times easing their commute and reducing peak period congestion. All these factors are intended to contribute to overall productivity and support the corporate values.

There are many different types of flexible work arrangements. Four of these require an application process and have been referred to for a number of years as Flexible Work Options.

Compressed Work Week (CWW)

CWW is defined as compression of an employee’s allotted weekly or bi-weekly hours into fewer days; generating non-work days. This eliminates commuter trips and shifts commuter travel to off-peak times. With this option the employee still receives their full salary for the standard hours of work.

Job Share

Job share is an arrangement in which two people share the duties of one full-time job, each working part-time on a regular basis. It is an arrangement initiated voluntarily by an interested employee or employees and approved by their exempt supervisor. Benefit eligibility applies to those employees who retain permanent status. The criteria for permanent status can vary depending on the applicable policy or Collective Agreement.


Part-time is working fewer than the weekly/bi-weekly full-time standard requirement which allows an employee to work fewer hours in a day than is standard, fewer days in a week than is standard, or a combination of those options.  As a result of working fewer weekly/biweekly hours or days, the employee is paid a prorated salary.


Telework is work done by an employee away from the traditional on-site office. At The City of Calgary, a telework arrangement is: voluntary, occurs on regular scheduled work days or portions of regular work days, utilizes telecommunications and/or computer technology for remote access to necessary network functions, and is conducted at the approved designated home office.

Call HR Support Services at 403-268-5800 for more information and application process.

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