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Public hearing on April 22, 2024. Proposed rezoning will support more housing options in all communities.

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BIAs and their boards are regulated by the Municipal Government Act and Business Improvement Area Regulation.

Our BIA office is the main point of contact that works for BIAs. They support with:

  • establishing or disestablishing a BIA
  • changing the name of a BIA
  • changing a BIA boundary
  • receiving BIA budget submissions for Council review/approval
  • receiving BIA financial statements
  • receiving BIA board nominees for appointment by Council
  • strategic planning
  • providing governance information
  • answering general BIA related requests

Areas of input for BIAs

A BIA may:

  • provide advice, background information, context, and bring forward BIA issues and concerns to The City
  • advocate for planning activities
  • attract desirable development
  • make local improvements

Development applications and BIAs

The City regularly shares development applications for BIA input. These applications include:

  • development permits
  • land use re-designation (also known as rezoning)
  • area redevelopment plan (ARP) amendments

The BIA’s role is to advise and comment on how a proposed development fits into the area, or possible changes to make it more compatible or beneficial.

At times, the role may include speaking to a public hearing of Council on a land use change, or appealing (or supporting) a development at the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board.

Community Associations can also comment on developments, including in the BIA area, and file appeals. When the BIA and the CA work together on communication of on development issues, they can share perspectives and be aligned where possible.