Foothills Fieldhouse

Priority Capital Projects Foothills Fieldhouse

The City has plans for a multisport fieldhouse to be built at Foothills Athletic Park, near McMahon Stadium. ​​The project is a priority capital project that will allow Calgary to host major sporting events.

The project

The new fieldhouse will be a multi-sport indoor facility that will provide year-round opportunities to play, practice and compete. It has been identified as a priority for Calgary to address an existing gap for indoor practice and play space and will allow Calgary to host sporting events that attract tourists and support local business.

The proposed location for the multisport fieldhouse would be on the grounds of Foothills Athletic Park, which is located at 2424 University Dr. N.W., directly west of Crowchild Tr. and south of 24th Ave. N.W.

The City is conducting a study to understand the current concept in the context of changes to the sport and recreation landscape. This will ensure the concept continues to align with the vision for the facility and provides excellent value for Calgarians.  

Benefits to Calgarians

Job Creation

Based on Infrastructure Calgary’s economic impact assessment model, the capital investment in The Foothills Fieldhouse project will contribute approximately $218 million to the GDP and generate 1,500 full-time equivalent jobs.

The project supports the goal of improving and diversifying Calgary’s economy.

Invest in Calgarians

This project will provide year-round indoor practice and play space for Calgary’s recreational sport community, act as a training facility for amateur athletes, and accommodate current and anticipated demand from both sport organizations and recreational users locally and citywide.

Economic Growth

The Foothills Fieldhouse and Athletic Park would create opportunities to host sport related events that would benefit tourism and support our hospitality industry and local business. Tourism Calgary projected the estimated annual economic activity to be $8.26 to $20.65 million.


The cost of the multi-sport fieldhouse is to be determined. The timeline to complete the project is estimated at five years from the time funding becomes available.

Project background

The Foothills Athletic Park was built in the 1960s and 1970s and includes numerous surrounding facilities. While the athletic park and McMahon lands are still heavily used, the site never had a master plan and facilities were simply added over time.

A concept plan is in development for the Foothills Athletic Park and McMahon stadium lands, focusing on creating a vision for the lands that recognizes the tremendous opportunity of a potential new fieldhouse, improvements to McMahon stadium, and the growing trend toward entertainment focused mixed-use districts anchored by sports facilities. The concept plan will include siting for the fieldhouse as part of its work.


A timeline for design and construction has not been established. The Fieldhouse has been identified as a high priority for The City and Calgarians. The City remains committed to the development of the Foothills Athletic Park upon approval of full project funding.


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