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Priority Capital Projects Foothills Multisport Fieldhouse

The Foothills Multisport Fieldhouse is a priority capital project that will provide year-round opportunities for Calgarians to play, practice and compete while also allowing Calgary to host major sporting events that attract tourists and support local businesses.

Current status: The amenity mix for the Foothills Multisport Fieldhouse was approved by Council on July 4, 2023. The City is working on next steps for the project, including defining the development process and procurement strategy. Further details will be available once decisions have been made and procurement documents are ready to be released.

The design phase will consider public realm impacts such as parking, circulation and mobility and will leverage work completed by the Foothills Athletic Park Redevelopment Advisory Committee to situate the Fieldhouse in the context of the Foothills + McMahon Concept Plan.

The project

The Foothills Multisport Fieldhouse will support a range of community uses, field sports, court sports and athletics. This includes a FIFA-sized rectangular field, track and field amenities to World Athletics standards, court space, fitness centre and multipurpose rooms.


Field concept

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Track concept

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Court concept

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Benefits to Calgarians


Social and environment

The Foothills Multisport Fieldhouse aligns with The City’s Sport for Life Policy that recognizes the importance of sport in building a complete, strong, vibrant, healthy and active city. Investment in the Foothills Multisport Fieldhouse closes crucial gaps in the availability of practice and play space and aligns with The City’s commitment to support and develop sport.

The Foothills Multisport Fieldhouse will function as a hub for local community gathering and activity. Amenities and ancillary spaces will be designed to be welcoming, inclusive and barrier-free and will support onsite community services.

The Amenity Refinement Study includes a Social Return on Investment analysis to evaluate the economic, social and environmental costs and benefits of the Foothills Multisport Fieldhouse. The Study is intended to maximize social and economic benefits while minimizing required tax support and environmental impacts.



Council identified the Foothills Multisport Fieldhouse as one of four priority capital projects. It will enable Calgary to host national and international competitions, stimulating and diversifying the economy through increased sport tourism and job creation. It will contribute to a dynamic mix of athletics, education, business, research and entrepreneurship and catalyze future redevelopment of the Foothills Athletic Park and McMahon Stadium lands.

The Foothills Multisport Fieldhouse aligns with The City’s Winter City Strategy, raising Calgary’s profile as a world-renowned winter city and training and sport tourism destination. Through competition and event hosting, the Foothills Multisport Fieldhouse will showcase Calgary on national and international stages, further bolstering Calgary and Alberta’s tourism sector.


The City has earmarked $109 million towards the project. This represents a significant opportunity for other levels of government, the private sector and public institutions to leverage available funding towards shared outcomes.

The timeline to complete the project is estimated at five years from the time funding becomes available.

Project background

Foothills Fieldhouse rendering

The gap in indoor practice and play space has existed in Calgary for decades. Calgary is a well-established training hub for high-performance winter sport but lacks a dedicated indoor facility for track and field, rectangular field sports and court sports. In addition to serving the broader community, the Foothills Multisport Fieldhouse will provide training and competition for high-performance athletes beyond the winter sports Calgary has traditionally served.

The idea for the Foothills Multisport Fieldhouse was developed in 2010 as part of the Glenmore and Foothills Athletic Park Redevelopment Concept Plan. It was originally imagined as a multisport and training space that could accommodate many uses at the same time with convertibility allowing for competitions and events. The 2010 concept included an indoor soccer field surrounded by an eight-lane, 400-metre track, eight multisport court spaces, jumping and throwing areas and seating up to 10,000 (500 permanent).

In 2018, The City assessed operating costs and potential revenue based on projected usership of the 2010 concept. Since 2010, the sport and recreation landscape in Calgary has changed. Facilities have been built or decommissioned, design specifications have changed and sport needs and preferences have evolved.

Council reviewed and approved an updated development concept plan in 2021.


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