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Provincial Election

YYC Matters 2023

The provincial election on May 29th will shape the future of our city and province. It’s important for the next provincial government to know that Calgary’s ongoing success is essential to Alberta’s wellbeing and prosperity. The people of Calgary deserve to be represented by governments that work together in pursuit of shared goals like economic growth and prosperity, safe and inclusive communities that foster belonging, and a resilient environment.   

Calgary matters in the 2023 provincial election

Calgary was ranked as the third most livable city in the world by The Economist in 2022 and has the second lowest cost of living of any major city in Canada. The City of Calgary strives to provide our community members with the services they need by working with other orders of government. It is important to share our local interests to maintain Calgary’s incredible quality of life.

On this site you will find the top priorities that matter to Calgary in this provincial election. The City’s priorities are grounded in the issues that are important to the people who live in our city and align with our goals as your municipal government.  As a vital partner in Calgary’s future, the Province has a significant impact on the affordability, safety and opportunities experienced by all Calgarians.

Consider how decisions made will impact our quality of life while building a strong and resilient Calgary. Our goal is that this site will help you understand what matters to Calgary, and our people, so you can make the best choice for you, your family and our city’s future on voting day.   

Election day is May 29, 2023

Community voices

The public input received reflects concern among Calgarians about the shortage of affordable housing supply, public safety, on and off Transit, support for mental health and addictions as well as for vulnerable Calgarians in general. Calgarians also want the Province’s support for improving health care and education in our city. 

Questions to ask your candidates

We appreciate that the election offers an opportunity for the people of Calgary to directly interact with candidates and political party members.  If you are invited to have a conversation, we have provided some questions to ask your candidates for each of the priority areas that matter to Calgary. Look for “Questions to ask your candidates” to support your conversations!

Calgary's election priorities

The City needs support from the provincial government to manage growth, and respond to change for all Calgarians to belong, prosper and thrive. 

  • Affordable housing

    Access to safe, affordable housing is foundational to the wellbeing of Calgarians and to community prosperity. Affordable housing creates local jobs, strengthens purchasing power, attracts employers with a stable workforce and reduces the demand for emergency services.

    There is a need for more investment in safe and affordable housing. This investment is needed in all areas of our city to support those facing homelessness and for those who struggle to afford housing within their income levels

    By working collaboratively with the Province, we can address critical affordable housing issues to increase housing supply, manage required maintenance to existing housing, and make sure everyone has a safe, affordable place to live.

  • A vibrant downtown

    Calgary needs a strong core to grow our economy, create jobs and help fund the City services we rely on every day. Calgary’s future success relies on our downtown being a place where people want to live, work, visit, set up and expand business.

    The City is seeking provincial investment to help us transform our downtown. We need investment to support The City’s efforts to establish university and college campuses downtown. This will bring the energy and innovation of students, fill empty office spaces, build a vibrant community, and grow Calgary’s talent pool for businesses.

    In this city of possibility, downtown is the face and the place of Calgary’s future.

  • Public transit

    Providing Calgarians with safe and dependable public transit service is a top priority.

    Across Canada, there has been a significant increase in safety incidents over the past year. This increase has underscored the urgent need to increase public transit safety through immediate actions and long-range strategies.

Calgary is a Resilient city

Resilience is the foundation of City Council’s strategic direction for 2023 to 2026. The pillars of economic, social and climate resilience are fundamental elements in building a strong Calgary for all.

  • Economic resilience

    Since the economic downturn in 2015, Calgary has navigated significant challenges. The City has worked tirelessly to ensure Calgary remains a business-friendly environment and a great place to live, work, grow and raise a family.

  • Social resilience

    A socially-resilient city is one where people of all backgrounds have a sense of belonging and communities support one another. This ensures a vibrant, safe and secure place to live, work and play. A socially resilient city is also committed to reconciliation and addressing systemic discrimination in all forms. All governments, including municipalities, have a role to support the social resilience of the people of Calgary, particularly those experiencing vulnerabilities.

  • Climate resilience

    Climate impacts us and we need to remain vigilant to understand and prepare for climate related events. Since the 2013 floods, The City of Calgary has undertaken a significant effort to reduce Calgary’s flood risk, protecting Calgarians and preventing future damage to homes, businesses, and vital infrastructure.

    City Council has committed to reducing City-wide and corporate greenhouse-gas emissions to be net zero by 2050. This is a crucial step in the global effort to limit global warming to 1.5 °C.