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New! – The City of Calgary has made changes to comply with the Prompt Payment and Construction Lien Act (PPCLA). See below for details.

Accounts Payable (AP) is responsible for making payments on behalf of The City of Calgary. Our vision is AP strives for excellence in delivering quality customer service focusing on transparency, innovation, and positive relationships. AP promotes a respectful and safe environment by celebrating diversity, providing support, and encouraging staff development and training. Together we will build trust to excel in a happy, healthy, harmonious well-run city.

General policy

AP includes all amounts owed to suppliers for the purchase of goods or services requisitioned by a City of Calgary representative.

Payment terms

All invoices will be scheduled for payment after the invoice has been approved by the Dept ID owner and will be picked up on the next payment cycle once payment terms have been met.

Payments are issued by the preferred method of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or by mailing a cheque to the supplier address. If you would like to sign up for EFT payments or require changes to your banking information, contact Allow for 30 days processing time for all requests.

Invoice submission

The City uses an automated invoice approval system called Accounts Payable Workflow.  For scanning purposes, you must ensure the invoice is the first document in your submission. Contact your City of Calgary contact to confirm what supporting documentation may be required for approval of the invoice. Please submit all invoices and any backup or supporting documentation in PDF format. Invoices with encrypted logos can cause errors in the process and unnecessary payment delays.

Submit all invoices requisitioned by a City of Calgary representative, in PDF format, directly to Accounts Payable via email:


The City of Calgary, Accounts Payable
P.O. Box 2100, Station M, #8041
Calgary, AB T2P 2M5

Invoices will be scanned into the system and routed to the applicable business unit for completion, review and approval.

Invoice submission requirements

Purchase order (PO) invoices - must clearly indicate the PO number.

Non-PO invoices - must include the cost coding information (i.e. account / Dept ID / fund / activity). The City of Calgary representative who requisitioned the goods or service will supply this information to you.

Supporting documentation – the invoice must be the first document in your submission. Contact your City of Calgary representative to confirm what supporting documentation is required for approval of the invoice.

Sensitive information - all personal or sensitive in nature information must be removed from the invoice or supporting documentation prior to submitting to Accounts Payable. Depending on the nature of the invoice and service provided, examples of sensitive information may include employee name, employee ID number and business unit.

Food services suppliers and golf suppliers – please continue to provide a confirmation of receipt at the point of delivery and send the actual invoice to Accounts Payable as per the instructions above.

Prompt Payment Information

Does your work, service or product directly relate to land improvement? Was your contract or service level agreement executed after August 29, 2022? If so, the Prompt Payment and Construction Lien Act (PPCLA) may apply. If you are not sure whether your contract is subject to PPCLA, review the information provided by the Government of Alberta or contact your City Representative as specified in your contract.

Proper Invoices apply to the provision of work, services or materials related to land improvements as per the Prompt Payment and Construction Lien Act (PPCLA). City of Calgary requirements for Proper Invoices are found in the various terms and conditions in our agreements (e.g. Standard General Conditions).

Proper Invoices must be submitted via email only in PDF format to

Note: Your City Representative may instruct you to submit invoices to even if your land improvement contract is not subject to PPCLA. In this case, your existing contract terms prevail in terms of invoice content, holdback release and dispute resolution. The benefit of doing this is to familiarize suppliers and City staff involved in land improvement projects.

DO NOT submit invoices to both and as this may result in payment delays.

Contact information

Note: Please have the PO number, the invoice number and the supplier's name with the correct spelling ready to make a quick inquiry.

undefined: Business hours undefined: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.​​
undefined: Telephone for
general information
For priority inquiry handling, please call 311, 24 hours per day (1-403-268-CITY (2489) outside of Calgary).
Alternatively, call 403-268-2750 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.
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company names
starting with​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
undefined: A-B​ undefined: ​403-268-2762
undefined: C​ undefined: 403-268-2748
undefined: D-E​ undefined: 403-268-2764​
undefined: F-H​ undefined: 403-268-2832
undefined: ​I-M​ undefined: 403-268-2753​
undefined: N​-R undefined: 403-268-2761
undefined: S-T​ undefined: 403-268-3704
undefined: U-Z undefined: 403-268-2764
undefined: Mailing address undefined: The City of Calgary, Accounts Payable
P.O. Box 2100, Station M, #8041
Calgary, AB T2P 2M5​ ​

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