Caution | Mandatory Outdoor Water Restrictions

Due to continued dry conditions, mandatory Stage 1 Outdoor Water Restrictions are in place until further notice.

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Parks & Open Spaces is currently reviewing school program offerings. At this time, we are not booking any programs for the 2023/24 school year. We encourage teachers to take advantage of the many agencies committed to providing nature education opportunities.  The following agencies are currently accepting school bookings: 

Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation

In school and virtual presentation on a variety of topics related to wildlife education

Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area

Spend a day in Nature!  Offering conservation education programs designed to be experienced outdoors covering engaging and exciting topics with school curriculum ties, either on-site at the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area, or potentially at your own site. 

Bow Habitat Station

Offering both curriculum-based school programs and various group programs available to all types of organizations and age groups

Calgary Wildlife

The Wild Wise series focuses on understanding wild animal behaviour, their adaptations, needs and positive community connections.  Book your beaver, skunk, magpie, bat or porcupine Wild Wise program today!

Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society

Providing educational programs which teach about the importance of living in harmony with urban wildlife, provide information (physiology/adaptations/migration) about wildlife, and create conversations around the implications of human activities on the health and safety of wild animals. 

Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation

Immersive, hands-on learning about fish, aquatic habitats, and the environment.  A variety of nature-based school fieldtrips including ecology of grasslands, pond field study, archaeology and guided walks. 

Green Calgary

Green Calgary offers classroom programs focused on teaching students about the environment and how we, as Calgarians, can make a difference. Their programs cover topics such as landfills and waste sorting, taking care of our water, using worms to compost, and more. They also offer multiple (often free) events throughout the year, and classroom tips on being more environmentally friendly.

Inside Education

Inside Education has a wide variety of no-cost curriculum connected programs from Classroom Visits, Field Trips, Youth Summits, Learning Materials and Teacher Professional Development

Nature Kids

Provides numerous resources to facilitate nature based programming in classrooms, such as “Nature Kids Do it Yourself Activities”, “Nature Kids Fun Facts”, and introducing students to the diversity of wildlife and wild spaces in our “BIG Alberta Backyard”

Trout Unlimited

Currently offering two programs – Yellow Fish Road and Water Edu-kit -  that are aligned with the existing curriculum and provide teachers with presentations, instructions, and actionable steps:

Visit for online educational videos and resources.

For questions about resources for schools,  please contact: or 311.

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