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Foothills Fieldhouse

Foothills Fieldhouse

The City has plans for a multisport fieldhouse to be built at Foothills Athletic Park, near McMahon Stadium.​​

The multisport fieldhouse at Foothills Athletic Park has been identified as a priority for Calgary and represents a keystone facility for The City. It aligns with The City’s Recreation Master Plan to address an existing gap for indoor practice and play space. The fieldhouse also responds to the need for competition capable facilities.

The proposed components of the multisport fieldhouse include:

  • One 400-metre, 8-lane indoor track
  • Jumping and throwing areas
  • One rectangular field located inside the track that can accommodate multiple activities, including field sports, batting cages, baseball training, tennis or golf hitting cages
  • Eight basketball courts convertible into 12 volleyball courts or 16 badminton courts
  • Capacity for 10,000 spectators - 1,500 permanent and 8,500 temporary spectator seats in the space of the gymnasium courts
  • Storage rooms and washrooms
  • Fitness and weight training facilities
  • Multi-purpose rooms
  • Administration and operational support space
  • Change rooms and associated amenities
  • Outdoor playground
  • Parking

The cost of the multisport fieldhouse is estimated at $285.8 M over a five-year period, including inflation. The timeline to complete the project is estimated at five years from the time funding becomes available.


May 27, 2019 – City Council endorsed a workplan and approved $19.8 million in start-up funding to move forward with programming, planning and design. The funding will deliver a public-private partnership review, a public engagement program, an area master plan and the detailed multisport fieldhouse design.


​ Date  
Date: April 29, 2019 ​ City Council approved establishment of a Major Capital Projects Reserve C2019-0525 to provide a funding source for four long-term capital projects: BMO Centre expansion, event centre, one phase of Arts Commons, and a multisport fieldhouse.
Date: February 25, 2019 ​ City Council approved the report: Foothills Athletic Park Redevelopment Assessment Committee (FAPRAC) terms of reference C2019-0274 with the first scheduled meeting of the Committee on March 19th.
Date: January 28, 2019 ​ City Council received the report: Consideration of Unfunded Long-Term Projects C2019-0135. The Foothills Multisport Fieldhouse was identified as one of the four major unfunded projects for Council consideration and Council formed the Foothills Athletic Park Redevelopment Advisory Committee.
Date: April 22, 2013 ​ City Council approved the report: Foothills Fieldhouse – Progress Update CPS2013-0351, proposing potential funding options that support the development of a fieldhouse and approved in principle, the revised location for the Foothills Fieldhouse.
Date: ​ July 19, 2010 City Council approved Foothills and Glenmore Athletic Park Concept Plan CPS2010-47 and directed Administration, subject to available funding, to proceed in the planning process for Foothills and Glenmore Athletic Parks. ​


Foothills Athletic Park Redevelopment Advisory Committee


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