Installing water and sewer connections

When connecting water, sanitary and storm service connections to City infrastructure, we will inspect the installation per the Master Indemnification Agreement and ensure the connections are compliant with Standard specifications for Water Services, Standard specifications for sewer construction and approved plans.

Residential water use is regulated by the water utility bylaw. Additionally, the bylaws related to sewer deal with appropriate water use and drainage in and around your property, such as the drainage bylaw, the wastewater bylaw and the lot grading bylaw.

There are also legal responsibilities for Cross Connection Control - the system that prevents contamination of Calgary's drinking water.

Water development requirements

To learn more about development requirements for water in Calgary, visit the pages below:

For a full list of specifications and design manuals, visit specifications and design manuals.

What are builders or homeowners responsible for?

Builders or homeowners are responsible for providing the water and sewer service connections from the property line to the residential or commercial plumbing system. The builder or homeowner is responsible for ensuring the connection complies with the provisions of the applicable bylaw.

All Utility Site Servicing Installations on private property must be owned by the builder or homeowner and constructed by the builder or homeowner's contractor at the builder or homeowner's expense.

Who is qualified to install service connections?

Builders and homeowners requiring service connections must hire a qualified indemnity contractor. This list is only suitable for residential and commercial service connections.

View The City of Calgary approved list of qualified indemnity contractors.

Apply to become a pre-qualified contractor

If you are a contractor looking for information on how to add your company name to our pre-qualified contractor list, please contact us.​​​

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