Land Use Bylaw1P2007

The City of Calgary Land Use Bylaw 1P2007

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Division 6: Residential – One Dwelling (R-1) (R-1s) District


444 1 The Residential — One Dwelling District is intended to accommodate residential development in the form of Single Detached Dwellings in the Developing Area.
2 Parcels designated R-1s are intended to accommodate a Secondary Suite as a permitted use on the same parcel as a Single Detached Dwelling.

Permitted and Discretionary Uses for Parcels Designated R-1s

447 1 Parcels designated R-1s have the same permitted uses referenced in section 445 with the additional permitted uses of:
2 Parcels designated R-1s have the same discretionary uses referenced in section 446 with the additional discretionary uses of:


448 In addition to the rules in this District, all uses in this District must comply with:
a the General Rules for Low Density Residential Land Use Districts referenced in Part 5, Division 1;
b the Rules Governing All Districts referenced in Part 3; and
c the applicable Uses And Use Rules referenced in Part 4.

Number of Main Residential Buildings on a Parcel

449 The maximum number of main residential buildings on a parcel is one.

Parcel Width

Parcel Depth

451 The minimum parcel depth is 22.0 metres.

Parcel Area

452 The minimum area of a parcel is 330.0 square metres.

Parcel Coverage

453 The maximum parcel coverage is 45.0 per cent of the area of a parcel, which must be reduced by 21.0 square metres for each required motor vehicle parking stall that is not provided in a private garage.

Building Setback Areas

454 The depth of all setback areas must be equal to the minimum building setback required by sections 455, 456 and 457.

Building Setback from Front Property Line

455 The minimum building setback from a front property line is:
a 2.0 metres for a laned parcel; and

Building Setback from Side Property Line

456 1 For a laned parcel, the minimum building setback from any side property line is 1.2 metres.
2 For a laneless parcel, the minimum building setback from any side property line is:
a 1.2 metres; or
b 3.0 metres on one side of the parcel, when no provision has been made for a private garage on the front or side of a building.
3 For a corner parcel, the minimum building setback from a side property line shared with a street is 1.2 metres, provided there is no portion of a building, except for a projection allowed in 337(3), located within 3.0 metres of:
a the back of the public sidewalk; or
b the curb where there is no public sidewalk.
4 The building setback required in subsection 2(b) may be reduced where the owner of the parcel proposed for development and the owner of the adjacent parcel register, against both titles, an exclusive private access easement:
a where the width of the easement, in combination with the reduced building setback, must be at least 3.0 metres; and
b provides unrestricted vehicle access to the rear of the parcel.
5 One building setback from a side property line may be reduced to zero metres where:
a the owner of the parcel proposed for development and the owner of the adjacent parcel register, on both titles, a 2.4 metre private maintenance easement that provides for a 0.60 metre eave and footing encroachment easement; and
b all roof drainage from the building is discharged through eavestroughs and downspouts onto the parcel on which the building is located.

Building Setback from Rear Property Line

457 The minimum building setback from a rear property line is 7.5 metres.

Building Height

458 1 The maximum building height is 11.0 metres where:
a the area of the parcel is less than 400.0 square metres; or
b the parcel width is less than 15.0 metres.
2 The maximum building height is 12.0 metres where:
a the area of the parcel is equal to or greater than 400.0 square metres; and
b the parcel width is equal to or greater than 15.0 metres.

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