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Public hearing on April 22, 2024. Proposed rezoning will support more housing options in all communities.

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Chapter 3: Supporting Growth

The individual communities that make up the North Hill Communities share common amenities, services, parks and open spaces and public facilities; however, no single community has the amenities and services to provide for all the daily needs of residents.

Communities depend on their interconnectedness, whether those are commercial amenities and services located on the area’s Main Streets and Activity Centres, recreation opportunities or the network of multi-use pathways that surround and weave through the communities.

Chapter 3 and Appendix A of the Plan include investment priorities for community improvements. These identified priorities do not have associated funding and have no timeline attached to implementation. As investment priorities, they may be implemented by various groups including The City, developers, communities etc. In connection with redevelopment if and when funding becomes available.

Four high-level goals are identified that align with key planning direction in the MDP and include locally specific objectives that support the Plan’s vision.

Creating Great Communities

Creating Great Communities through investment in affordable housing and care facilities, investing in parks and public spaces, encouraging the protection of local heritage resources and promoting public art and investing in and maintaining civic facilities.

  • Community Facilities and Spaces
  • Affordable Housing
  • Tuxedo Park and Tuxedo Park School
  • Balmoral Circus and Beaumont Circus
  • Confederation Park
  • McHugh Bluff and Crescent Heights Park

Realizing Excellence In Urban Design

Creating Great Communities through investment in affordable housing and care facilities, investing in parks and public spaces, encouraging the protection of local heritage resources and promoting public art and investing in and maintaining civic facilities.

  • Main Streets Streetscape Improvements

Connecting The City

Promoting increased mobility choices and active living with a greater emphasis on walking, cycling and transit use, as well as improving connections between and within communities.

  • Green Line LRT

  • Improved cycling and pedestrian connections

  • Mobility studies and policy updates

Greening The City

Conserving, protecting, maintaining and restoring the natural environment which includes the tree canopy. Protection and maintenance of trees on both public and private lands is a priority.  Other areas in the Plan area also include parks and natural areas, riparian areas, Nose Creek, escarpments and other features which contribute to the ecological health and a sense of person well-being within the Plan area.

  • Urban forest

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