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Chapter 1: Visualizing Growth

Vision and Core Ideas


Found in Chapter 1 of the Plan, the Vision & Core Ideas provide a framework for growth and change that recognizes the elements that connect the North Hill Communities. The Plan vision focuses on growth on Main Streets, transit station areas and Activity Centres and supports continued evolution and change within these communities. By implementing this vision, the North Hill Communities will continue to be a unique collection of desirable and welcoming communities for a diversity of people.

The North Hill Communities will accommodate a diverse population by providing varied housing options focused around a collection of Main Streets, Activity Centres, civic facilities, parks and open spaces. The North Hill Communities will be well -integrated with local and city-wide mobility networks allowing people of all ages and abilities safe and accessible ways to get around. The North Hill Communities will continue to evolve and grow through high-quality people-focused design, building upon their history as among the best communities to live in Calgary.

Core Ideas

The following core ideas were developed through the engagement process and were used to shape the policies and guidelines in Chapters 2 and 3 of the Plan.

  • Facilitate the continued development of Centre Street N., Edmonton Trail NE, 16 Avenue N and 4 Street NW into vibrant mixed-use Main Streets that are supported by diverse housing options on tree-lined streets and an enhanced public realm.

  • Enable the creation of housing that fosters accessibility and diversity among people of different ages, incomes and household types.

  • Maximize the opportunity for people to choose to live in close proximity to varied mobility options that safely and conveniently reach a diversity of destinations both within and and outside of the North Hill Communities.

  • Recognize and enhance the civic facilities, parks and open spaces, watershed and natural systems, including Nose Creek, escarpments and the urban forest, and improve the connections between them.

  • Build on and strengthen existing neighbourhood shops and community amenities outside of the Main Streets with a focus on those located on 20 Avenue NW.

  • Support the ongoing vitality of Greenview Industrial and its role as an important employment and innovation area that integrates with the surrounding residential communities and provides high-quality mobility connections.

  • Encourage resilience in the built environment that allows adaptability to a changing society, economy and climate.

  • Celebrate the history of North Hill Communities as some of Calgary's earliest neighbourhoods and respect the area's heritage.

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