Bridgeland Edmonton Trail N.E. Main Street

Bridgeland Main Streets

Phase 1 – Edmonton Trail N.E.

Project update - February 2024

Phase Two of the Bridgeland Main Streets project will begin its second year of construction in Spring 2024. This season, our area of work is along 1 Avenue N.E. between 6A and 11 Streets N.E. We will be working to widen sidewalks, install new street furniture (benches, bike racks, etc.), and plant new grasses and community trees.

More details and timelines will be updated here and shared with the community once confirmed. Our project team will be in touch with directly affected properties/ businesses to support as the community prepares for construction. Here are some pieces of information we already know from last year:

  • Construction will occur in multiple blocks along 1 Avenue N.E. at the same time, but only on one side of the block at any time, to allow vehicle and pedestrian access through the area.
  • Any block with active construction will have vehicle/wheeling access detoured and one-way traffic only.
  • Parking will be temporarily restricted to one side of the street while construction occurs on the other side of the block.
  • We will maintain access to businesses and properties in the work area for pedestrians as much as possible during work in the area.
  • As required, temporary removal/relocation will occur of transit stops, Calgary Parking Authority pay machines, Canada Post mailboxes and public garbage bins.
  • Construction in each area is expected to last approximately 2 months. Please note that the duration may change depending on weather conditions and if unforeseen issues are encountered.
  • There will be short duration intersection/road closures throughout the season needed to complete utility upgrades in the area. These closures are expected to only take a few days each, and updates in advance of this work will be shared with affected properties.

Phase One of the Bridgeland Main Streets project along Edmonton Trail N.E. from Memorial Drive to 2 Avenue N.E. completed construction in Fall 2023.

We recognize that construction and community changes can be challenging. We want to thank you for your patience while we complete this important work. Please see an anticipated schedule and work locations in the chart below.

Work locations and construction impacts

This construction season, you can expect to see work starting in Spring 2024. Please stay tuned! We will keep this section updated with the location and timing of our work as it is confirmed.

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Schedule subject to change as required to meet project requirements

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Project scope

The 1 Avenue N.E. Main Street underwent the “design” step of the Main Streets program in 2018 and 2019. Based on community feedback, technical analysis, and financial considerations, we created a plan to support the needs identified by the community.

Phase Two of the Bridgeland Main Street project involves operational and streetscape improvements along 1 Avenue N.E. from 4 Street to 11 Street, and along 2 Avenue N.E. between 6 Street N.E. to 10 Street N.E.

Work includes:

  • Widened sidewalks.
  • More plants and trees.
  • New street lighting along the road and sidewalks.
  • New crosswalks with wheelchair ramps complete with tactile plates to help those with vision loss at intersections.
  • Additional/upgraded pedestrian crossing signals at several intersections. Changes to intersection controls on 2 Avenue N.E.
  • New waste & recycling bins, bike racks and benches. 

Please see the Roll Plot for more detailed information:

  • 4 Street NE to 6A Street NE
  • 6A Street NE to 8A Street NE
  • 8A Street to 11 Street NE

What is planned for Bridgeland Main Street Phase 2: 1 and 2 Avenues N.E.?

The 1 Avenue Main Street vision encompasses numerous considerations, including:

  • A focus on urban design and placemaking.
  • Enhanced pedestrian safety and comfort.
  • Improved mobility options, including transit and cycling
  • A design that is uniquely “Bridgeland-Riverside” and reflects its heritage and community identity.
  • Improved connections to park spaces and amenities.
  • Enhancing the community’s Main Street as a destination that will support existing and new local businesses.

A rendering of what 1 Avenue may look like:

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  • Live (2025)
    • Ongoing investment in development
    • Operations and maintenance
  • Build (2022 – 2025)
    • Phase 1 (Edmonton Trail) 2022-2023
    • Phase 2 (1 Ave n.e.) 2023-2025
    • Construction of designs based on streetscape master plan
  • Design (2018 – 2021)
    • Pedestrian safety measures implemented
    • Detailed design work complete
    • Community engagement
    • Bridgeland Streetscape Master Plan completed and approved
  • Plan (2017)
    • Land use redesignation and infrastructure assessment
  • Strategize (2014 – 2016)
    • Public engagement and market studies

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Project documents

Project background

The City developed a Streetscape Master Plan for Bridgeland based on citizen feedback, technical analysis, and financial considerations.

The vision for the Bridgeland Main Streets project is to build a streetscape that includes well-designed, quality public realm elements and public space, that prioritize the pedestrian experience and will support ongoing redevelopment and a thriving economic environment. Once complete, it will offer a variety of safe, accessible mobility connections, new community gathering spaces, and a uniquely Bridgeland character.

The key features of Bridgeland Main Streets are:

  1. Prioritize pedestrian safety
  2. Enhanced landscaping for pedestrian comfort
  3. Unique streetscape elements
  4. New opportunities for community gathering
  5. Improved mobility options

Main Streets

The Main Streets Program is one of the ways that the City of Calgary is working to make our city “a great place to make a living, and a great place to make a life.” Our program shares The City’s common purpose of “making life better every day” by implementing a comprehensive process to transform our main streets into places where people want to live, work and play.

To reach their full potential, Calgary’s Main Streets need both public and private investment. The Main Streets program is a continuum that goes from changes to land use that will support development opportunities to a streetscape master plan that is designed to support these changes and can be constructed in a coordinated fashion. The increase in development activity will bring more people and new jobs to the community, making the area more attractive to local businesses and residents.

Core values

Main Streets are resilient, adaptable, and attractive places that support:

  • Character & Identity
    Create a street that establishes a unique sense of place and offers memorable experiences for both residents and visitors. 
  • Social & Healthy lifestyle
    Create a family-friendly and safe street environment that focuses on promoting sense of community. 
  • Mobility & Functionality
    Achieve a balance of multi-modal transportation options with a focus on friendly and inclusive design. 
  • Economic vitality
    Street improvements promote economic vitality by encouraging redevelopment opportunities and promoting investment.

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