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Bridgeland-Riverside Multimodal Pedestrian Bridge

Bridgeland-Riverside Multimodal Pedestrian Bridge

In partnership with the Calgary General Hospital Legacy Fund Review Committee, The City of Calgary is developing the preliminary design of the Bridgeland Riverside Multimodal Pedestrian Bridge.

Project update – July 2023

On July 4, 2023, funds from the Calgary General Hospital Legacy Fund were approved to be released to the Bridgeland-Riverside Multimodal Pedestrian Bridge project to further the bridge design and construction.

In the next phase of the project, the project team will work on the details of the bridge design, formalize the pathway and community connections, prepare regulatory applications and investigate constraints to prepare for construction. Further project development will be presented to the Calgary Planning Commission. 

About the project

Design and benefits

The Bridgeland Riverside Multimodal Pedestrian Bridge will cross over Memorial Drive parallel to the existing C-Train crossing and continue across the north channel of the Bow River to St. Patrick’s Island. The Bridge is envisioned to provide improved pedestrian and introduce a multi-modal connection from the communities of Bridgeland and Riverside to the Bridgeland - Memorial LRT to the Bow River Regional Pathway network and destinations including St. Patrick’s Island, East Village, and the Downtown core.

Community engagement commissioned by the Calgary General Hospital Legacy Fund Review Committee for the initial stages of the bridge project determined the readiness and need for a new bridge to connect more directly to the island.  Going into the design phases, the City of Calgary, with its consultants, will work to validate the work that has been done and further the conversations on project elements that are important to the community.

The new bridge will benefit all Calgarians by providing a direct and inclusive multimodal connection for active modes from 9 Street N.E. to the Regional Pathway, St. Patrick’s Island and beyond. It will also connect the C-Train station directly to St. Patrick’s Island making it easy for everyone to visit and participate in events.

Preliminary design

Given the location of the bridge, we know there are many constraints, including existing infrastructure and available land. With the help of community input, and other information, such as data collection and field investigations, the recommended bridge type will help set the stage for the detailed design of the bridge.

The preliminary design phase of this project included extensive internal and external engagement to understand how the project can best serve Calgarians. The bridge alignment was refined to help address a project goal of bringing the river to the community by touching down at the north shore before crossing the Bow River. Investigations into existing utilities, potential impacts to the river, potential for protected species on site and a review of geotechnical conditions were completed.

A recommended bridge type will be determined using a multiple accounts evaluation table. The set of evaluation criteria used in the table will reflect the project purpose and principles. During the Feasibility Study for the project the Calgary General Hospital Legacy Fund Review Committee  determined the purpose and principles as: 

  • Placemaking & Community Building: Create a connection between the community, the existing LRT Station and St. Patrick’s Island that celebrates its unique location and provides access to surrounding amenities. Create a gateway to the community. Re-establish the connection between the community and the Bow River focused around resilience, community experience and wellbeing.
  • Safety & Accessibility: Improve safety and accessibility between the community, the existing LRT Station and surrounding amenities.
  • Sustainability & Economic: Create a bridge that helps define the success and identity of the community, encourages future development in the area and provides a missing connection within the tourism corridor.
  • Implementation: Maximize continuity of service and access to community and existing LRT station throughout construction.

Preliminary design timeline

  • Fall 2022: Investigation through engagement, community meetings, and research. (COMPLETE)
  • Winter 2022: Prepare bridge design options and evaluation criteria.
  • Spring 2023: Calgary General Hospital Legacy Fund Review Committee presents recommendation on how to proceed with the project to the Community Development Committee. (COMPLETE)
  • Summer 2023: Further develop the preliminary design into detailed design
  • 2024: Finalize design, submit regulatory applications and develop contract package

At this time the project is only funded for Preliminary Design. Funding for detailed design and construction is dependent on further review and approval.


The Calgary General Hospital Legacy Fund has committed $17.184 M to support the next phases of the project.

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