Bridgeland Riverside Area Improvements

Bridgeland Riverside Area Improvements

For over a century, 1 Avenue N.E. has been the commercial corridor for the community of Bridgeland-Riverside. Sections of 4 Street N.E. and Edmonton Trail have been a crucial connection into downtown Calgary. Established below the escarpment on the north side of the Bow River, the area known as Bridgeland-Riverside is traditional territory of the Blackfoot people and is on Treaty 7 territory like all of Calgary. 4 Street N.E. was once part of the Old North Trail, an ancient north-south migration trail for first peoples which became known as Edmonton Trail after Fort Calgary was established in 1875. It was an important commercial route for the hay and fur trades, with stagecoach service after 1883.

Bridgeland Main Streets - Background

Bridgeland Main Streets is made up of two phases: Edmonton Trail and 1 Avenue N.E. The phases were built off the master plans for these areas with the same names. The first phase, Edmonton Trail, was funded and went into construction in 2022 and expected to be complete by Fall 2023. The funding request for construction of the second phase has been submitted and if funding is approved, construction is expected to start in 2023.

The diverse retail and residential offerings in Bridgeland have contributed to creating a diverse demographic of people, including young families, business professionals and a large population of seniors. Plans for the area has defined Bridgeland as an attractive Main Street for live, work, and play.

Edmonton Trail and 1 Avenue N.E. serve the travel and destination needs of the community and surrounding area differently. Understanding those differences helps to ensure the Bridgeland Main Streets projects connect business, community, residents, and visitors while highlighting the unique qualities and the character of the community.

When construction is finished, you can expect to see wider sidewalks, more plants and trees, upgraded street lighting, new crosswalks with wheelchair ramps complete with tactile plates, and improved travel lanes for people wheeling and driving. 

Active Mode Connections

The communities of Bridgeland-Riverside have been experiencing population growth from a number of new multi-storey residential and commercial developments over the past ten years. Investing in improving infrastructure provides capacity to support growth and change in these communities. Through past public engagement on projects in Bridgeland, including the 1 Avenue N.E. Streetscape Master Plan Project, we've heard some comments on issues and opportunities relating to mobility in the community.

We’re exploring improvements to walking and wheeling (bike, scooter, skateboard) connections around the Bridgeland LRT Station, along 9 Street N.E. and McDougall Road, as well as 12 Street N.E. so that people have better access to destinations within the community and to the LRT station.

The East Riverside Master Plan proposes improved pedestrian access between 1 Avenue N.E. and the C-Train station, improving north-south connections for those accessing 1 Avenue N.E. from Riverside or the C-Train station. It enables increased density in the area through mid-rise residential development, which provides more critical mass to take advantage of the improved public realm and support businesses in the area.

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