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Knowing how, when and why people travel helps transportation planners identify travel behaviour patterns and trends to forecast future travel demand. This information helps decision-makers prioritize funding for transportation infrastructure.

Information collected through these surveys is used to:

  • Identify travel behavior trends and patterns to inform future planning.
  • Update the Calgary Regional Transportation Model, a computer simulation of future transportation demand for Calgary and the surrounding region.
  • Measure the effects of policy changes such as parking costs and high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes.
  • Support key transportation and land use studies.
  • Measuring progress on the 60-year Municipal Development Plan and Calgary Transportation Plan.

My Travel Log

My Travel Log - a continuous study that will help us make important decisions as we plan and prioritize for future transportation infrastructure.

The City is conducting a continuous study on how, when and why people travel in and around the Calgary Region.

  • Selected households in Calgary, the Rocky View County, Wheatland County and the Municipal District (MD) of Foothills are invited to participate in the study.
  • Households are randomly selected to participate to ensure a statistically valid sample.
  • A study invitation and subsequent materials are mailed to selected households.
  • The continuous study will survey approximately 1,500 households each year.

For more information, visit mytrav​

Note: Only invited households are provided with a password to log in and participate.

My Travel Log documents

Travel behaviour changes over the past 40 years

Using information collected in past surveys, The City is preparing a 4-part report series (below) titled "Changing Travel Behaviour in the Calgary Region" to provide a comprehensive look at how travel behavior has changed over the last 40 years.

Description​​ Completion Date
Description: Report 1​ includes:
  • Contextual information such as population and employment growth
  • High level demographic changes including age and auto ownership
  • High level travel analysis including city wide mode split and trip rates​
Completion Date: Q2 2013​
Description: Report 2 includes:​
  • Reason for travel
  • Detailed Auto Ownership analysis
  • Detailed mode split analysis​
Completion Date: Q4 2013​
Description: Report 3 will include:​
  • Where people are travelling
  • When people are travelling
  • Detailed Active Mode analysis
  • Detailed Transit Mode analysis
  • Detailed Carpooling and Auto Mode analysis​
Completion Date: Q4 2014​
Description: Report 4 will include:​
  • Detailed employment analysis including alternative work options​
  • Regional travel analysis including travel in the region and travel between the city and the region
  • Differences between weekday and weekend travel​
Completion Date: Q4 2015​

If specific analysis is required for a particular project outside of the report schedule above, please follow the procedure for requesting analysis from the Transportation Forecasting Division or email for more information.

Related documents

2012 Calgary and Region Travel and Activity Survey Final Report

This report contains preliminary results that do not represent the full Calgary Region population. For results that represent the Calgary Region population, use the report series above.

2001 Household Activity Survey Report
2001 Travel to Work Survey
1999 Travel to Work Survey
External Truck Survey Study - 2001 Calgary Region
2000 Commodity Flow Survey Report​​​


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