Pre-Roll Consultation Period

Pre-Roll: Preliminary assessments to help you plan

Coming Fall 2024

Pre-Roll is a program for non-residential and multi-residential property owners. During this time, you can: 

  • Review your preliminary 2025 property assessed value.
  • Share new information about your property with us.
  • Learn what the potential tax implications may be.

We’re committed to working with you. 

How to make the most of Pre-Roll in Fall 2024

  • Review your assessment & tax estimates

    During Pre-Roll, find your preliminary assessed value on Assessment Search. Throughout the program, you’ll see it on the right-hand side of the Property Account page after securely logging in.

    Then, use our Pre-Roll Tax Calculator to help you with next year’s budget planning.

    Note: For an explanation of how we assessed your property, review the Preliminary Assessment Explanation Supplement. If your property is assessed using the income approach to value, the report can be found on Assessment Search directly below your preliminary assessed value. Otherwise, we’ll send you a copy for free at your request.

  • Respond to your Assessment Request for Information

    Respond to your Assessment Request(s) for Information (ARFI) if you haven’t yet. We need this information to prepare accurate values and have productive discussions.

    Each ARFI has a response deadline. If you don’t respond on time, it can impact your eligibility to make a complaint to the Assessment Review Board about the resulting assessment.

  • Talk to us

    We value the information you provide. Let us know if your property details changed or are incorrect. During Pre-Roll, call us and schedule an appointment with your assessor to discuss your preliminary assessment. We’ll share market and property information with you (e.g., rents, expenses, vacancy, sales information, etc.).

  • Authorize an Agent

    If you’re using an agent representative, you’ll need to authorize them to act on your behalf. Agents need 2025 authorization to take part in Pre-Roll discussions taking place in Fall 2024.

Assessment Search is our online resource for property and business owners to access more detailed information about their assessment and property details.