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Wildflower Arts Centre

Recycling material donations - Wildflower Arts Centre

We are currently not accepting dropped off donations. If you have a donation you would like us to consider, please call 403-249-3773 to make an appointment to discuss it with us.

The Wildflower Arts Centre offers programs that encourage sustainable stewardship. One element of the City of Calgary’s Environmental Policy is to demonstrate resource conservation. A second element is pollution prevention. The Arts Centre could be considered a “recycling collection site in itself”. We reuse clean, donated materials in our daily operations. Over the years, the Arts Centre has regularly received recyclables from the community. It compliments the City's efforts to prevent recyclables from entering the landfill.

Some of the materials that are reused and recycled at the Arts Centres include:

  • Egg cartons - Used for children’s paint palettes (rinsed and used several times)
  • Milk cartons - Used in 3-D art projects
  • Styrofoam trays - Used for printmaking in art classes or paint palettes
  • Plastic containers - Used to hold art supplies, paint, water in the studios
  • Newspapers/paper - Used to protect surfaces and as art materials, sketchbooks and papier mache
  • Dry-cleaning plastic - Used to cover ceramics while they dry
  • Textiles or sewing materials - Used in fibre arts projects or as costumes
  • Wire - Used to make sculpture or as structural supports for 3-D artworks

There are boxes in each of the art studios that hold these materials. The contents of these boxes spark ideas and encourage their use in arts projects.

We also accept donations of used art supplies.

For more information about donating materials, please call in advance 403-249-3773.

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