Studio and facility rentals - Wildflower

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are limiting our rental and booking offerings. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Artists requiring occasional space can rent our studios.
For rental rates and availability, please call 403-249-3773

Dance & Drama studios

With 1600 square feet of space, we can meet all of your needs. The Dance and Drama studios feature:

  • full length mirrors
  • sprung wood floors
  • 38 feet of fixed ballet barres
  • portable ballet barres
  • sound systems

Visual Art studios

Our three light filled studios are designed to meet your creative needs. The Visual Art studios feature:

  • large windows
  • double sinks
  • adjustable tables
  • black boards
  • sound systems
  • standing easels
  • drawing donkeys.
  • Whelan Bouncing Roller Collograph Press used for lino print
  • collograph and embossing

Ceramics studio

Clean, modern and well-ventilated with abundant natural light. The Ceramics studio features:

  • large worktables
  • double sinks with clay trap
  • slab roller
  • extruder
  • plaster slump-molds and electric potter’s wheels
  • accessible Brent Potter’s Wheel
  • ventilated electric kilns
  • pug mill
  • wide range of lead-free studio glazes
  • custom firing

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