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Glenmore Sailing School has the largest sailing scho​ol fleet in Canada. The fleet is made up of more than 100 dinghies (small one-person to three-person centreboard sailboats). We also have a 22-foot Catalina keelboat.

Qualified sailors can rent our boats​ for day-use.


At just under eight feet long, Optimists, or Opti, are our smallest boats for our youngest sailors (ages 7 and up). They are specifically designed to be sailed by children, and can be sailed by one or two children. Our younger Opti sailors double up, two to a boat, to help them gain confidence and experience. Older and more seasoned Opti sailors sail and race alone in this boat, learning and developing new skills. Children typically sail Opti until they are 11 or 12, depending on their size
52 boats available


The Laser is one of the most versatile and popular sailing dinghies in the world. Sailed by one person, all Laser hulls can be sailed with any one of three sails: the Laser Standard, the Laser Radial, and the Laser 4.7. The sailing school has all three sail sizes, allowing children and adults of a wide weight range to sail the boats.

The Laser fleet is used primarily by advanced students in CANSail 3 and above, as well as with the Junior Sailing Club, and by instructors for coaching and training.
25 boats available


The 420 is a double-handed boat, meant to be sailed by at least two people at once. The 420 is popular around the world as a school, club, and collegiate boat, and is an official Sail Canada training boat for its big sister, the 470.

Our beginner’s 420 fleet is the entry point for many students. We also have several 420s for advanced sailors. These are race-rigged, and help to develop double-handed skills. The racing 420s are equipped for spinnaker and trapeze, and are typically sailed in CANSail 3 and above (although occasionally in CANSail 2 classes, as well).
55 boats available

Jane Mary

Our day cruiser is a 22 foot sloop-rigged Catalina named the "Jane Mary." Relatively small in size, this type of boat is easy to sail and is frequently sought out by those moving up from dinghy sailing. This boat is capable of handling groups of up to six adults.
1 boat available