Advisory Committee on Accessibility

Who we are and what we do

Working closely with members of City Administration, we are a City Council committee consisting of citizens with disabilities and a keen interest in access issues.

We make recommendations to City Council on policy and systems issues and barriers impacting people with disabilities in Calgary.

See the ACA’s official description, a list of current members, our terms of reference and The City of Calgary’s Corporate Accessibility Policy.

Our role

Our role is to advise and recommend solutions to City Council on accessibility and disability. We work together with citizens, the community and The City of Calgary on accessibility and disability matters by:

  • investigating and making recommendations on issues of mutual concern between the accessibility community and The City of Calgary.
  • receiving advice, recommendations, reports or complaints from individuals or groups addressing issues of concern to persons with disabilities, and take appropriate action.
  • serving as ambassadors for the accessibility community and for The City of Calgary, promoting good relationships.
  • reporting on a regular basis through Standing Policy Committees to City Council and to accessibility leadership in general, across the city.
  • ensuring that communication, public relations and/or public participation plays a major role in the efforts of the Committee to fulfill its function.
  • being available to offer assistance, or improve the efforts of other agencies or organizations that seek to address issues of concern for persons with disabilities, on a formal or informal basis.

Advisory Committee on Accessibility's Annual Awards

Through the ACA's annual awards program, we raise awareness about the importance of accessibility and universal design. We proudly recognize and celebrate the contributions of individuals, groups and organizations who work tirelessly to create a more inclusive and accessible city for everyone.

Visit the ACA’s annual awards program for more information.

Tell us about accessibility and disability issues and barriers in Calgary

Tell us about accessibility and disability issues and barriers in Calgary

We encourage individuals and organizations to bring forward disability issues to Calgary City Council through the Advisory Committee on Accessibility.

For further information, contact 311.

Join the Advisory Committee on Accessibility

The Advisory Committee on Accessibility seeks members on a rotating term (one, two or three-year terms) each year as part of The City's call for applications for Boards, Commissions and Committees. The Advisory Committee on Accessibility and the two sub-committees each meet once a month.

If you live in Calgary and have a disability or has knowledge and interest in the disability and accessibility arena, please express your interest by applying through the City Clerk's Office. See their Boards, Commissions and Committees FAQ to answer questions about the application process and deadlines.