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Neighbourhood Streets - North Hill Area

Project update - September 2022

Construction has started for the North Hill area improvements and is anticipated to be complete by the end of 2022. Please note: construction timelines could change due to weather, underground conditions, or other unexpected circumstances.

To help create inclusive, safe streets for all residents and commuters, we are:

  • Making the diagonal diverters permanent at 1 Street and 34 Avenue N.E. and 2 Street and 22 Avenue N.W.
  • Installing new speed humps on 23 Avenue and 2 Street N.W. to help slow down vehicle speeds on adjacent avenues. 
  • Installing new temporary traffic calming curb extensions beside Crescent Heights High School, to increase pedestrian and school safety.

These changes will discourage shortcutting and ensure residential streets remain pleasant and quiet routes.

Construction impacts

During construction, there will be temporary sidewalk/parking/roadway access closures, noise, dust and construction equipment in the area while we work to complete the improvements. We know that construction can be disruptive, and our goal is to minimize impacts as best that we can. We will do most of our work during the day, to avoid noise impacts into the night as much as possible, and we will provide access detours, local access, or temporary ramp access for areas that are intermittently closed for construction, wherever possible.

We appreciate your patience while crews are working in your area.

Project Overview

As part of the Neighbourhood Streets Program, the North Hill Area Project implemented traffic calming measures, improved crossings and park improvements along 1 Street N.E. and 2 Street N.W. This project has been informed by engagement held over the last six years for Green Line, The City's local growth planning program's work in North Hill Communities and Main Streets, which all identified a desire to see reduced vehicle volumes and speeds along residential streets parallel to Centre Street N and to provide safe and comfortable walking and cycling routes.

Adjacent to this project is the expansion to Balmoral Circus Park, transforming the paved intersection at 2 Street and 19 Avenue N.W. into park space and limiting vehicle access with temporary materials. Visit Balmoral Circus Park Improvements for information on timelines, final designs and more.

Project goals

  • Ensure that as more people choose to live and work along the North Hill Main Streets (4 Street N.W., Centre Street N, and Edmonton Trail N.E.), the nearby residential streets remain pleasant and quiet routes where neighbours connect and have safe options for all ages and abilities to travel throughout the area.
  • Discourage vehicle shortcutting along 1 Street N.E., 2 Street N.W., while still giving vehicle access to residents by ensuring routes are intuitive and align with local destinations.
  • Complete pathway and sidewalk network connections.
  • Enhance the residential street environment and create community amenities and green spaces.
  • Maintain local vehicle parking and access where possible.
  • Collect feedback on the effectiveness of the temporary traffic calming measures in meeting the project goals for the community and users.

Project History

Fall 2020

In fall 2021, traffic calming measure were installed using temporary materials. View the North Hill traffic calming map here.

  • Diagonal diverters were placed at:
    • 1 Street N.E.
    • 34 Avenue N.E., 22 Avenue N.E.,18 Avenue N.E.
    • 2 Street N.W.
    • 22 Avenue N.W.
  •  Balmoral Circus Park expansion at 2 Street and 19 Avenue N.W

Winter 2020

A What We Heard report from engagement that took place in November to December 2020 can be found here.

Traffic Calming

Following the temporary traffic calming measure installations in fall 2020, we asked for feedback on the impacts and effectiveness of the measures with regards to travel in and through the area.

The project team reviewed traffic calming measures, such as the location sand orientation, based on feedback provided during this engagement and data collection.

Balmoral Circus Park

The project team asked how residents used the park in the past and how the temporary materials allowed them to use the park differently. We collected feedback about design considerations for the space, to create an attractive and meaningful community destination. Learn more at

Fall 2021

In fall 2021, we built a multi-use pathway connection along 2 Street N.W. between 9 Avenue and 11 Avenue. This connection fills a gap in the walking and wheeling network in the North Hill communities. Temporary curb extensions were installed at 1 Street and 24 Avenue N.E. to improve the pedestrian crossing experience and reduce east-west vehicle volumes through the intersection.

Looking south (left) along the 2 Street N.W. multi-use pathway toward 9 Avenue and north (right) towards 11 Avenue.

Previous engagement

Traffic calming goals and locations were identified through community engagement sessions for:

  • Green Line identified walkability and connectivity as a community value and concerns about traffic in the area.
  • Main Streets identified a desire to see reduced vehicle volumes and speeds along residential streets parallel to Centre Street N and to provide safe and comfortable walking and cycling routes.
  • North Hill Communities Local Growth Planning project – engaged representatives from local communities, community associations, business owners and industry representatives. Mobility and public realm improvements were identified and captured in Appendix A of the proposed North Hill Communities Local Area Plan.

    A draft plan of the Neighbourhood Streets project was shared with the community at public open houses in fall 2019. Through the North Hill Communities Local Growth Planning project, the Neighbourhood Streets Program worked to understand the opinions and concerns of people living, visiting and travelling through the North Hill area, including the communities of: Highland Park, Mount Pleasant, Tuxedo Park, Winston Heights-Mountview, Crescent Heights, Renfrew, Rosedale, Capitol Hill, Thorncliffe Greenview (south of McKnight Blvd).

Addressing what we heard

The following summarizes the range of input we received, grouping feedback into themes, and how the project team is addressing the feedback into the design of the permanent measures:

Feedback theme: reduced traffic volumes and speeds and increase sense of safety for cycling (for children) within the neighbourhood

We are making the diagonal diverters at 1 Street x 34 Avenue N.E. and 2 Street x 22 Avenue N.W. permanent

Feedback theme: increased vehicle volumes and speeds along parallel routes such as 21 Avenue, 23 Avenues and alleyways

We are installing additional traffic calming measures such as speed humps along parallel routes like 21 Avenue and 23 Avenue N.W.

Feedback theme: barriers placement did not prevent some motorists from making illegal turns using the sidewalk and boulevard

Landscaping boulders were installed in the boulevard at 1 Street and 22 Avenue to prevent illegal turns. Landscaping boulders and metal posts are features in the permanent design to discourage illegal turns.

Feedback theme: diverters are blocking access to local destinations for residents, particularly along 1 Street at 18 Avenue and 22 Avenue N.E.

While there is not a lot of local residential street network in Tuxedo east of Centre Street, the project team realized this means many vehicle trips must re-route onto busier streets like Edmonton Trail or Centre Street.

West of Centre Street and north of Tuxedo Park has additional parallel routes like 1 Street N.W. and 2 Street N.E. that can accommodate re-routing local trips. Due to budget limitations, the project team cannot explore additional traffic calming measures at this time along 1 Street N.E. in the community of Tuxedo. As a result, the diagonal diverters at 1 Street and 18 Avenue N.E. and 1 Street and 22 Avenue N.E will be removed. 

Feedback theme: issues with snow clearing around temporary barriers

We worked closely with our Roads maintenance experts to develop a design that allows for improved snow clearing access. 

Feedback theme: advanced warning signage would help to notify those traveling east-west that there is no through access

We are investigating advance warning signage on the approaches to the diagonal diverters.

Feedback theme: more communication about temporary or permanent solutions desired

We are working to ensure project updates are communicated with the community. Since the pilot project was installed the project team has had several meetings with the Ward 7 Office the Mount Pleasant, Tuxedo Park, and Greenview Community Associations, and the Greenview Business Improvement Area (BIA).

Feedback theme: concerns about pedestrian safety in front of Crescent Heights High School

During focused discussions about the new pathway along 2 Street between 9 Avenue and 11 Avenue N.W., concerns about pedestrian safety were raised in front of the Crescent Heights High School front entrance. Working with The City’s Active and Safe Routes to School program, the project team is installing new traffic calming curbs at 1 Street and 10 Avenue N.W., to reduce speeds in front of the high school, improve pedestrian visibility, and reduce pedestrian crossing distance.

Feedback theme: concerns about east-west volumes and speeds along corridors like 12 Avenue and 24 Avenue

The North Central Mobility Study has found that the current traffic calming along 12 Avenue is adequate. 24 Avenue through Tuxedo Park is a wide collector roadway and currently does not have any traffic calming measures east of Centre Street. The project team designed and installed temporary curb extensions at the intersection of 24 Avenue and 1 Street N.E. in 2021. 

Concerns about vehicle speeding along 9 Avenue, 11 Avenue and 1 Street NW in Crescent Heights and pedestrian safety in front of the Crescent Heights High School

Speed studies were carried out in the fall of 2021 to understand traffic speeds along these corridors. Studies found that most vehicles (85th Percentile) are traveling at or below the posted speed limit. Traffic studies can be found on The City’s Traffic Counts site.

The project team was made aware of pedestrian involved collisions in front of Crescent Heights High School at the intersection of 1 Street and 10 Avenue N.W. In response to pedestrian safety concerns, the project team is working with the Active and Safe Routes to School Program, Crescent Heights High School and Crescent Heights Community Association on designs to install pilot curb extensions at the intersection of 1 Street and 10 Avenue N.W to improve pedestrian visibility, safety and comfort. These curb extensions should also realize some speed reduction measures, especially through the intersection. 

Project timeline:

  • Fall 2020
    Installation of traffic calming measures using temporary materials 
  • Winter 2020
    Public engagement on temporary traffic calming measures and Balmoral Circus Park
  • Summer 2021
    Construction of 2 Street multi-use pathway between 9 Avenue and 11 Avenue N.W. and temporary curb extensions at intersection of 1 Street and 24 Avenue N.W.
  • Spring 2022
    Final design for Balmoral Circus Park and traffic calming and draft designs for diagonal diverters and traffic calming in front of Crescent Heights High School
  • Summer 2022
    Final designs of diagonal diverters and traffic calming in front of Crescent Heights High School and construction for Balmoral Circus Park.
  • Late summer/early fall 2022
    Construction of permanent diagonal diverters and traffic calming in front of Crescent Heights High School by the end of 2022. 

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