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Traffic Management Centre TMC

TMC Traffic Management Centre

Advance traffic monitoring, incident management, traffic operation efficiency and traveler information.

The City's Traffic Management Centre (TMC) monitors, responds and presents real-time information to motorists using:

This combination of technologies gathers real-time traffic information and uses that information to revise traffic signal operation where appropriate and keep motorists advised of abnormal traffic conditions, congestion, lane closures and construction delays.

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April 27, 2021

Want to avoid traffic and stay safe on our roads? There’s an app for that.

When it comes to travelling our city’s roadways, no one likes surprises. Accidents, vehicle breakdowns, weather, and other unexpected events can disrupt traffic, adding time to our journey.

While not all traffic is avoidable, some of it is. Real-time information about Calgary’s road conditions is readily available, and motorists can use it to plan the best and safest route.

The City’s Traffic Management Centre (TMC) monitors, responds and presents real-time information to drivers. There are traffic cameras, a traffic information map, and an FM radio station. And now there’s a smartphone app.

Through the Waze Navigation and Live Traffic smartphone app, the TMC collects real-time road information from Calgary drivers and passengers, including detail about accidents and incidents. In exchange, the TMC provides Waze with advanced notice of road construction, closures, and detours as well as real-time traffic information gathered by its traffic monitoring technologies, such as cameras and road sensors. 

The Waze map evolves in real-time with every driver and data point it receives, promoting safer roads and sharing more knowledge with drivers about potential delays to their commutes. The app is updated during emergencies, such as major weather events, to provide up-to-date information on road closures and hazards to help keep drivers safe.

“As a smart city, we’re always looking for opportunities to improve the services we’re delivering to Calgarians by connecting technology and data,” said Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi. “This exciting, no-cost partnership with Waze will provide Calgarians with real-time information, about traffic and road conditions, reducing commute times and making our roads even safer.”

Help keep Calgary moving and visit to download the free Waze app from Google Play or the App Store.   

The City of Calgary’s Traffic Management Centre and Waze

The City of Calgary’s Traffic Management Centre is incorporating innovative technologies like the Waze smartphone app to help reduce delays and keep traffic moving.