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Keeping residents informed about their multi-family waste services will help keep your building clean, and make sure your waste programs are used correctly.

Tell your residents about the program

As part of Waste Bylaw 4M2020, you must provide education to residents once per year as well as when a new resident moves in.

The information package must explain:

  • Location of garbage, recycling and compost bins;
  • List of materials that go into each container; and
  • Proper method for preparing and sorting waste material for collection.

This information needs to be communicated to residents in either:

  • Written format – paper copies in mailboxes, posted on each door, under doors, and/or in orientation packages; or
  • Electronic communications via email.

Tip: Add this annual task to your regular maintenance list and tie it with an existing line item to save on time and expenses e.g. send out to condo owners with AGM packages, provide info to tenants during annual smoke detector inspections etc. 

Other ways to help your tenants

Provide tools to help residents properly dispose of materials

  • Give residents a small kitchen pail to make composting convenient and easy to do.
  • Provide residents with a reusable container/bag to carry recyclables in.

Provide regular reminders to residents

  • Keep residents up to speed by providing them with regular updates. 
  • Place notices around common areas (elevators, lobby, mailroom etc) to provide waste tips beyond the garbage room.
  • In condo associations, consider adding waste management as a standing agenda item.

Train your staff about your program

If you have on-site staff such as maintenance staff, landscapers, or a property manager, make sure they are aware of the diversion programs so they can help answer questions from residents and point out problems.

Key information to pass along may include:

  • Where the collection bins are located
  • What can and cannot be put in the bins
  • How residents should prepare materials
  • How to resolve common problems
  • Contact details for your collection company
  • Where to get more information