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Whether you’re setting up a new program or looking for ways to improve, we have many free tools and resources to help.

Bylaw requirements

All multi-family complexes are required to have programs for recycling, compost and garbage  as per Waste Bylaw 4M2020.

Download the Recycling and Composting Guide for Building Owners and Managers to help you get started on your waste diversion programs.

If you have questions about setting up a waste program at a multi-family property you manage, fill out the online service request below or contact 311.

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Review signage requirements and poster samples here

Handouts for tenants

Invest in one-on-one resident engagement on waste diversion especially when tenants are moving in and out.

  • Poster - how to use your waste bins

    Double-sided tip sheet

  • Full guide - How to use your bins

    8-page booklet

  • Move out checklist for residents

    Invest in one-on-one resident engagement on waste diversion especially when tenants are moving in and out.

Find a collection company

Know before you throw search tool

If you are a property manager for a multi-family location, this search tool provides information on waste haulers, depots, single pick-up or regular collection of items beyond traditional composting, recycling and garbage items.

Use this search tool to find disposal options for materials specific to your property.

Retrofitting your garbage room

If you are making improvements to your existing waste storage area or garbage room, please refer to these development requirements. This will ensure a safe and serviceable development for your multi-family building and your waste hauler. 

  • Design standards for storage and collection of waste

    The City of Calgary offers commercial waste services for multi-family complexes including recycling services

  • Specification drawings

    Find a private hauler for garbage, recycling, composting, or large item pickup.

Please note: These requirements are subject to revision at any time.