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Public hearing on April 22, 2024. Proposed rezoning will support more housing options in all communities.

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Recycle and Compost Right

Make the right moves – know what goes in your blue and green carts.

Sorting your waste into the right bins ensures your blue and green cart materials can be turned into new products and nutrient-rich compost.

Keep wrong items out of your carts

Help keep our blue, green and black cart programs safe for everyone by keeping these contamination items out.

Do not put these items in any of your carts

No chemicals or propane tanks

Take these items to a household hazardous waste drop-off at City landfills or a designated fire station.

No batteries

Take household batteries to a participating retailer for free recycling.

Do not put these items in your blue or green carts

No garbage

No tanglers like hoses, rope or electrical cords

Put in your black cart as garbage.

No clothing, fabrics or shoes

Take old clothing, shoes and textiles to a City landfill for free textile recycling, or donate usable clothing and shoes to charity.

No household items, electronics or furniture

Take old and broken electronics to a City landfill or City-approved drop-off location for free recycling.

Donate furniture or household items in good condition to participating charities. Put smaller broken/unusable items like lawn chairs, stools and tables in your black cart as garbage. Take unusable furniture like couches, bookshelves and beds to a City landfill. Landfill charges will apply.

Contamination is when the wrong items are put in the wrong bins

There are serious consequences to contamination.

  • Creates safety hazards and damages equipment

  • Ruins recyclables, meaning they go to the landfill for disposal

  • Increases program cost

Learn more about the consequences of putting the wrong items in the wrong bins at Contamination in carts.

Know what goes in your blue cart

Find the right items for recycling at What can go in your blue cart.

Know what goes in your green cart

Find the right items for composting at What goes in the green cart.