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How does a public bulk water station work?

Customers that draw water from the public bulk water stations need to apply for an account allowing them to obtain water from that source.

There is a $25 fee for each access card (fee refundable on return of card), a monthly service charge, plus a consumption charge.

The consumption charge is based on the amount of water you withdraw. When there is no consumption charge, no service fee is charged.

For inquiries related to bulk water stations, complete the inquiry form:

How do I apply for a bulk water account?


  • A person with signing authority for the account holder contract.
  • $25 for every access card issued. You will be required to have an access card for each vehicle that will use the bulk water service.
  • A refundable security deposit may also be required at the time of application.
  • To modify your vehicle/tank to fit an Approved Air Gap (AAG) to prevent contamination of the public water supply.

Complete the 311 Bulk Water Application:

Billing and payments

How is bulk water billed

A separate utility account is set up for bulk water service. You will receive a statement for each month the bulk water service is used.

This statement includes a service charge and a consumption charge. The consumption charge is based on the amount of water you withdraw. When there is no consumption charge, no service fee is charged.

Payment due dates

Accounts must be paid in full by the due date to maintain a valid access card. The due date is approximately 30 days from the billing date.

A refundable security deposit may also be required if accounts are not paid by the due date.

Your bulk water account

Lost, stolen, or replacement access cards

If your access card has been lost, stolen, or needs replacement, and your accounts are in good standing, you can fill out an application below.

Disconnect due to nonpayment of account

Bulk water access cards will be deactivated if there is an outstanding balance on the bulk water account unpaid beyond 90 days.

The deposit is refundable upon closure of the account and verification that all outstanding charges are paid.

Closing old accounts

If you no longer require bulk water access, you can request your account to be closed.

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