The City of Calgary provides a bulk water service which allows customers to obtain large quantities of water for uses such as landscaping, construction and animal use.

To draw water from a filling station, customers must:

  1. Have a bulk water account and access card.
  2. Modify their vehicle to meet the requirements for withdrawing water.

Bulk water station locations

The City has five bulk water filling stations. The three fire stations are equipped with both 80mm (3”) and 50mm (2”) hoses. The two standalone stations are equipped with 80mm (3”) hoses only.

Year-Round Fill Stations
Fire Station Type of Hose

Fire Hall #20

  • Small hose - 50mm (2 inches) 
  • Large hose - 80 mm (3 inches)

Fire Hall #21

  • Small hose - 50mm (2 inches)
  • Large hose - 80 mm (3 inches)

Fire Hall #26

  • Small hose - 50mm (2 inches)
  • Large hose - 80 mm (3 inches)

Stand Alone Station N.E.

  • Large hose - 80mm (3 inches)

Stand Alone Station S.E.

  • Large hose - 80mm (3 inches) 

Vehicle requirements for bulk water service

Hose requirements

Customers must provide their own fill hose to accommodate the size of adaptor they have on their tank (50mm/2” or 80mm/3”).

Please note: Only the fire stations can accommodate the 50mm (2”) hose. All stations can accommodate the 80mm (3”) hose.

The hose must be capable of withstanding 80 psi of pressure.

Your fill hose should have at least one female coupler end to connect to the male cam-lock adaptor at each station.

Ensure the length of your hose can reach from your vehicle to the cam-lock adaptor.

Vehicle and hose example

Please note: Failure to maintain the inspected air gap on the bulk water vehicle will result in prosecution under the Water Utility Bylaw and the cancellation of bulk water access card privileges.

Adapter requirements

Male cam-lock adapter
(50 mm or 80 mm)

To be provided by the City of Calgary

Female cam-lock adapter
(50 mm or 80 mm)

To be provided by bulk water customer

Filling instructions

Each bulk water station is equipped with a Computrol control unit that allows you to activate your account and withdraw water. You will need an active account and valid Access card to activate the unit.

Download our Bulk Water Brochure as a reference for filling instructions and a portable map of filling stations.

Bulk water rates

2023 2024 2025 2026

Water service charge ($ per 30 days)

24.99 22.35 19.70 17.06

Water usage rate ($ per cubic metre)

1.7411 1.7511 1.7610 1.7710
Access card fee (per card) 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00

All rates are set by the Water Utility Bylaw 40M2006. The rates may be adjusted annually by City Council.

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