At Water Services, we are completing numerous repairs on water infrastructure such as storm outfalls and gates, river bank erosion sites, lift stations, and the Bonnybrook Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Our efforts are one piece of a flood recovery framework developed across The City of Calgary to address long-term community restoration, rehabilitation and resiliency.

Visit flood preparation to learn more about how The City is preparing for potential flooding this spring.

For details about recovery efforts across The City, as well as information regarding flood-related support programs, please visit Flooding in Calgary.

Water recovery and resiliency projects

River stabilization and critical erosion sites

The following work has been completed:

  • Site designs and construction work to address erosion at Memorial Drive and 3 St NW, and for phase one of Inglewood along 8 Ave SE.
  • Bank restoration work and temporary erosion control measures installed along the Bow River near Home Rd NW.
  • Repairs at numerous minor erosion sites
  • Clean up of the Elbow River

Storm and drainage system

The following work has been completed:

  • Evaluating whether pipes crossing the river have been damaged
  • Clean up of the Elbow River
  • Repairs and valve additions on a number of storm water outfalls
  • Storm and sanitary sewer flushing
  • Repairs and improvements to lift stations

Structural repairs and improvements

Numerous flood mitigation measures are being considered by The City, the Province and other interested parties. These include short and long-term solutions that impact different locations and may be independent or function together.

Some concepts being worked on include the following:

  • Water reservoir storage improvements to Glenmore Reservoir structures
  • River-flow bypass structures (Elbow River Diversion conduit)
  • Flood barriers, walls and berms
  • Storm drainage improvements
  • Groundwater cut-off structures
  • Gravel bar shaping
  • Sanitary lift stations upgrades
  • Sewage treatment plant upgrades

Non-structural measures

We are working with the Flood Recovery Task Force, the Province and other business units at the City of Calgary on a variety of activities including public information programs, flood mapping, flood forecasting, land use regulations, flood and emergency response plans.

We are also conducting a number of studies on other themes such as hydrology, meterology, barrier design, hydraulic analysis, river ice, erosion, fish habitat, storm water management, lift stations, waste water treatment, storage and diversion, and storm gates and water outfalls.

As these studies are completed, recommendations will be made to improve how The City manages these areas. Any work completed will adhere to city, provincial and federal regulatory requirements.