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The City Manager


The City Manager is the chief administrative officer of The City of Calgary and reports directly to City Council​​.  The position provides leadership and direction to all departments of the Administration.

Alberta Municipal Government Act defines the position

  • To be the head of administration
  • To ensure Council's policies and programs are implemented
  • To advise and inform Council on the operation and affairs of the municipality
  • To perform the duties and function and exercise the powers assigned to a chief administrative officer by Council.

Council has delegated authority for duties in the City Manager's Bylaw.

The City Manager is the direct supervisor of the General Manager of each operating department, and through them, is responsible for all civic employees.  The City Manager and General Managers collectively comprise the Administrative Leadership Team, which sets Administrative Policy and ensures implementation of Council policy and City programs.

The City Manager’s Contract with Council

On Sept. 15, 2014, City Manager Jeff Fielding presented to Council a new strategic plan for The City of Calgary. The presentation, entitled Together... We Are Calgary, was the culmination of efforts and input of many individuals from across the organization including all members of the senior management team.  It included the “Leadership Strategic Plan: Contract with Council” which lays out five key directives that will guide the organization over the next several years:

1.       Establish a cooperative and meaningful relationship with Council

2.       Develop a cohesive leadership culture and collaborative workforce
3.       Better serve our citizens, communities, and customers
4.       Focus immediate and collective attention on planning and building a great city
5.       Strengthen the Corporation’s financial position

City Manager as of March 2019: Glenda Cole​


 City Organizational Structure​​


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