Code of Conduct

One City, one voice...and me

As City of Calgary employees, we are a reflection of our diverse, resilient and vibrant city. Our Code of Conduct helps us act in ways that demonstrate our values, our employee promise, our respect for each other and the citizens we serve.

This is your Code of Conduct. While it may not have all the answers you seek, it will guide you on what behaviour is expected and where to get more information or to report a concern.

A strong Code of Conduct benefits everyone. It builds a safe and respectful workplace for you, protects our collective reputation and strengthens our commitment to make Calgary a great place to make a living and a great place to make a life.

A message from the City Manager

Our shared purpose and behaviours – Letter from City Manager, David Duckworth

Our common purpose of making life better every day connects us, as public servants, to our city in a way like no other. Calgarians count on us to develop and deliver services in an efficient, effective and ethical manner. Our behaviour matters because what we do reflects on all of us. We need to live by our 4Cs – character, commitment, competence, collaboration. We need to be mindful of our character by behaving in the right way, committed to the greater good, collaborative with our colleagues and our partners to strengthen teamwork and relationships, and use our skills and competencies to rethink how we work to make life better every day for citizens.

Our Code of Conduct lays out the expectations The City has for our behaviour. The standards are high, and they should be. Citizens expect us to do the right things and be accountable and responsible.

I am so proud of the passion for public service I see from City employees. I know we are often drawn into conversations with family, friends and neighbours about City business, events and services. At work or after work, the Code guides us to ensure we remain positive ambassadors for our great City.

Knowing how to behave in the right way is not always straight forward. The Code cannot cover all types of situations, but it does cover many scenarios. Most importantly, it provides us with the information and tools that helps us think through what we are facing.

We are fortunate to have many resources available to use when we have concerns or questions. Please reach out to your leader with any questions you have. We are all responsible for understanding our Code of Conduct and how each of us, in our different roles, can strengthen our healthy, safe, inclusive and respectful workplace. And if you see behaviours that seem uncharacteristic for a City employee, speak up! I know you will find our Code of Conduct policy guide helpful throughout your career here at The City of Calgary.

Code of Conduct booklet

Download and view the Code of Conduct booklet here.

Code of Conduct training

Every City employee needs to complete Code of Conduct training within the first 90 days of employment.

You can complete the Code of Conduct eLearning course on myHRConnect > myCareer > Launch Learning & Development.

Alternatively you can speak with your supervisor about other options.

4Cs and Code themes

The Code of Conduct Standards have been organized into four behaviour-based themes that integrate the 4Cs of our culture with the nine Code policies to help you understand what to expect, and what is expected of you in the workplace.

4Cs behaviours


Character is behaving the right way. We act with integrity, courage and honesty. 

All Employees Leadership
Demonstrate our shared values and ethical behaviours. Model our shared values and ethical behaviours.
Respect others for their unique abilities, experiences, and expertise. Foster mutual respect by showing concern and a caring attitude.
Communicate in an open and honest manner. Encourage open and honest communications.
Listen carefully and consider different ideas and opinions. Create an environment of trust where employees are comfortable sharing ideas and questions.
Be accountable and take responsibility for my own behaviour. Manage performance and coach others.


Competence means we do the right things the right way. We think strategically, make informed decisions, and continue to learn and innovate.

All Employees Leadership
Find opportunities to learn and develop. Create opportunities for employees to learn and develop.
Ask questions and look for new ways to deliver service. Support employees to innovate and take calculated risks to improve service.
Be open to feedback and change. Clarify direction, priorities, roles, and expectations, and provide feedback on employee performance.
Perform my duties to the best of my abilities. Evaluate processes, resources, and strategies to ensure they are effective and aligned with The City’s goals.
Be responsible for my health, safety, and wellness, and watch out for my colleagues on the job. Create an environment that promotes health, safety, and wellness.


Commitment is about our dedication to the greater public good. We demonstrate a passion for public service. 

All Employees Leadership

Provide citizen-focused customer service: Listen. Respect. Act.

Model and promote citizen-focused customer service.
Be flexible and responsive to changing priorities and customer service needs. Address barriers that affect customer service delivery.
Show initiative and take responsibility for completing actions. Make connections between employee actions and customer service results.
Be interested in what is going on in my business unit and across The City. Understand the economic, social, environmental, and political impacts of my decisions.
Be a positive ambassador for The City. Recognize others for exceptional public service.


Collaboration means we work together for a common purpose. We communicate, build relationships, and strengthen teamwork. 

All Employees Leadership
Share knowledge and ideas to deliver better solutions. Create opportunities to share knowledge, ideas, and resources.
Work with others to get the job done. Communicate how my team contributes to shared outcomes.
Be open-minded and encourage others to contribute. Encourage and support employees to work with and learn from others.
Build and maintain respectful and inclusive working relationships. Create an accessible and inclusive environment that values diverse perspectives, talents, and experiences.
Contribute to team efforts. Recognize individual and team efforts and celebrate success.

Code themes

Additional topics

These additional topics will help you find the information you need or take action if something doesn’t seem right, safe or ethical