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Supporting local business

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Calgary's ComebackSupporting local business

There are many challenges to starting and running a business. We know saving time and money is important.

One size does not fit all when it comes to providing business support and reducing barriers to success. Here’s what we’re doing to support you and your business.​

W​e are committed to:
  • Supporting business success in Calgary – from idea to open
  • Reducing the time and money it takes to run a business in Calgary
  • Improving communications with Calgary’s business community

Business Friendly

This page is a glimpse of the work we are doing to support local businesses. To see what else we are working on​​ visit:​

​​​​Business Friendly website​​​​​​​


Here's what we've been up to

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​What's been done?

We have:

  • Created a #BuyLocalYYC campaign to encourage Calgarians to support local businesses, and Calgary’s comeback. As part of this, we also provided marketing resources for businesses so they too could promote buying locally.
  • Provided Canada's first virtual one window approach to permitting online. We offer live chat, saving business applicants time and money.
  • Approved pop-up and interim businesses in all commercial areas (another Canada first). This eliminates lengthy approval process and licensing restrictions. 
  • Frozen construction permit fees at 2016 rates until 2020, creating greater cost certainty for builders.
  • Created a Business and Local Economy team to support businesses and new business owners.
  • Created a ‘Living Lab’ program to open City of Calgary assets to companies and researchers, to test and try their ideas and products.
  • Created a Business Advisory Committee made up of members of the local business community. This Council-led committee gives us insight and feedback into how we can improve City processes.

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​What's in the works?

We are:

  • Removing approvals and fees for businesses that "pop-up" in a building for four days or less.
  • Decreasing permit and business licensing requirements, saving business owners time and money.
  • Developing tools and online resources to assist businesses through their life-cycle.
  • Increasing communications to the business community.