Support Local

Support Local

With #SupportLocalYYC, The City of Calgary and our partners are supporting the business community by making connections, sharing resources and tools, and highlighting positive stories to inspire the community and spark further innovations that can benefit those in need.​​​​​​​

We started the free Support Local program to help Calgarians find local businesses. If you’re a Calgary business, show your roots with pride. If you’re a proud Calgarian, spread the word about your favourite local businesses with #SupportLocalYYC.

5 reasons to ​​​​​#SupportLocalYYC


You get unique goods and services—in stock!

From everything you need to fill the most eclectic kitchen pantry, to local fashion and multicultural surprises, finding one-of-a-kind treasures is a gift in itself when you shop local. 


You support the local economy

Small businesses make up more than sixty per cent of the retail sector in Calgary. Local businesses generate about four times more economic activity than larger corporations. And support for local businesses means support for local jobs. 


It helps protect the environment

Less time and resources shipping products grown and made nearby means fewer emissions are associated with every purchase. Local foods, which support area farmers, can be even more beneficial.


Your money stays in Calgary

Not only does a dollar go further when spent at a local level, it also keeps on giving. Over half of every $100 earned by local businesses ends up recirculating in the Calgary economy. It’s a win-win for our neighbourhood businesses when you think local.


You support your neighbourhood’s identity

The places we think of as great neighbourhoods can really thank local businesses for putting them on the map. Leave a positive review for the places you love, follow and tag them on social media, and spread the word about your favourite local businesses with #SupportLocalYYC

Did you know Calgary has over a dozen Business Improvement Areas?

Another great resource for local shoppers is the directory of Business Improvement Areas (BIAs).

BIAs encourage neighbourhood revitalization, business diversification and, overall, the building of a great city.

Shoppers can explore options for local businesses and find new places to support and try out.

Currently, there are some 15 BIAs, each with a local neighbourhood flavour, with services and products that might be a pleasant surprise.

Each BIA has a website, with shopping directories, special events and other features. Try

For businesses:

#SupportLocalYYC Marketing Toolkit

Calgarians love supporting local businesses. These tools will hel​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​p them find you.

Print posters for your store window

Download digital banners for social media

Download #SupportLocalYYC banners and images to use on social media posts:​

Local Business Marketing Tips​

Support Local is a celebration of local businesses and services in Calgary. Join Calgary businesses by using #SupportLocalYYC in your social posts and other marketing. It’s free to participate.

  • Use #SupportLocalYYC marketing tools to identify your business as locally owned, and label Calgary made or grown products.
  • Claim your business listing and location on Google My Business to increase your visibility online.
  • Encourage your customers to use the #SupportLocalYYC hashtag to promote their favourite Calgary businesses and services.
  • Ensure you’re active on social media. New photos and updates help keep your followers informed and interested in your business.
  • Instagram stories are a fun, spontaneous way for your business to keep your customers informed and entertained. Learn how to create an Instagram Story.
  • Instagram has made available gift card, ordering and fundraising stickers to support businesses affected by COVID-19. Learn more at Instagram - How to Support Small Businesses During COVID‑19.
  • Facebook has new features that allow you to add special content to your Page, such as displaying your menu, listing your services or showcasing your products with a shop section.
  • TikTok has a Small Business Resource Centre with best practices, success stories, creative tools and templates. 
  • Retweet, re-post and share everything satisfied customers say about your business on social media. Each customer post acts as a little testimonial that may encourage others to give your business a try.
  • Respond to social media reviews online. This shows that you value your customers’ feedback, gives you an opportunity to highlight the positives and shows you care.

We do regular research with businesses to better understand the outlook and viewpoint of the business community. If you are a business owner, leader or manager, join our online business research panel, Business Perspectives.